January 24, 2023 3 min read


Twain Sport Introduces T-Kick, T-Basketball’s Sister Product

Twain Sport has expanded its library of products, adding T-Kick into the mix, and bringing sports fans new experiences to enjoy

The company, which focuses on providing sports betting websites with an innovative live sport vertical by Hybrid Sports League and BetGames, has finally released its much-anticipated product, which will now total 6,300 matches monthly.

T-Basketball’s Sister Product Arrives at BetGames and Twain Sport Partners

The product is designed to deliver head-to-head tournaments, which will mean more worthwhile sporting action to wager on. BetGames and Twain Sport’s partners are already happy with the product and eager to deploy it as part of their own portfolio.

T-Kick also follows up on the previous sister product, T-Basket, which is designed to offer players head-to-head basketball tournaments as well. T-Kick will only feature professional athletes who will have 60 seconds to score the most points, shooting footballs at a series of illuminated targets.

This may seem a little drab at first, but it’s a carefully thought-through product that will have sports fans captivated. The competitions are quick and can be accessed in real-time, making fans feel close to the action as it unfolds.

The inaugural season will feature 30 athletes as of right now. Two of whom were part of the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup, while others compete at a full international level. This means that the competition will be fierce and that will be known names to back on a wager.

Innovative and Next-Generation Sports Tournaments to Bet On

According to Twain Sport, this is what the next generation of players would want to see. Sports fans are definitely interested in enjoying some of the most worthwhile competitions that provide them with plenty of options to place a wager on the outcome of an event. Commenting on this partnership, BetGames’ CEO Andreas Koeberl said:

Being based on football, T-Kick is going to expand the market potential for Twain Sport, and we couldn’t be prouder, or more excited to announce its debut.

Andreas Koeberl, CEO, BetGames

He added that the new product is easy to understand and fun to watch, making it for what Koeberl expects to be a highly-grossing opportunity for partner companies across the board. Twain Sport believes that T-Kick will “bridge the gap” and help with the demand for high-frequency and high-turnover live betting, which is currently an underserved market.

All products are streamed from a dedicated studio as well. The games are overseen by Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System, which elevates their profile and guarantees no betting offenses or match-fixing is committed.


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