March 13, 2023 3 min read


Trump’s Reelection Odds Mired by More Legal Trouble in New York

The former POTUS is facing fresh legal challenges in New York potentially interfering with his bid for a second run at the office

Donald Trump’s reelection aspirations are not new. The former president made it abundantly clear when he launched his 2024 presidential campaign in November last year, as he moves closer to a direct confrontation with the likes of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who has remained mostly mum on what he thinks about Trump who still enjoys strong support with Republican voters.

Trump Possibly Facing Criminal Charges in New York

And yet, reelection for Trump is often seen as a long shot – and even longer now that New York City prosecutors are possibly looking to bring a criminal indictment against the billionaire, thus confounding his re-election chances. Yet, Trump has been elusive when it comes to assuming responsibility or being held accountable for his actions.

Trump attorney Joe Tacopina has confirmed that his client would be testifying in front of a grand jury in New York, which is usually a precursor for a criminal indictment. The latest action against the president is stemming from his alleged interaction with Stormy Daniels, an adult movie actress, who Trump is said to have paid for sexual services and then paid more still so that the actress would keep quiet when he was running for president in 2016.

So far as Trump’s alleged bad deeds go, this is one of his lesser evils. Yet, prosecutors seem determined to find out if the alleged $130,000 payments provided to Daniels are actually a violation of criminal law. This fresh round of possible criminal charges, though, has forced some bettors to reconsider whether they want to bet Trump on his reelection chances.

Bookmakers were still receiving a lot of action on Trump potentially winning the presidential race in 2020 as well, with the ex-POTUS losing by a slight margin. The events after that are well documented. As the latest potential charges against the 45th president unfold, Trump has taken to his own social media, Trump Social, to voice his concerns and accuse prosecutors of targeting him because of his political aspirations.

Storm Daniels, No Relation

Trump denied having had any relationship with Daniels in the first place, and wrote: “I did absolutely nothing wrong, I never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, nor would I have wanted to have an affair with Stormy Daniels.” He branded the whole thing a political witch-hunt and one designed to hinder his bid for the presidency.

Regardless of what is true, just like Trump has been in the habit of lobbing unsubstantiated claims against political opponents, so is he now on the receiving end of increased scrutiny.

In his case, though, it’s law enforcement who is investigating and judging and not the court of public opinion – which has proven too easily influenced by the former president’s flippancy.


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