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Trinidad and Tobago Suspect in Casino Robbery Released after 10 Years

Anthony “Bussa” Contrera, a Tunapuna resident who was accused of participating in a casino robbery in Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago, has been released. The accusations date back to 2010, when a security guard was shot fatally during the robbery.

Casino Robbery, Murder Suspect Walks Away

A Tunapuna resident who was accused of murdering a security guard during a robbery at a Trinidad and Tobago casino has reportedly been released. Although the crime dates back to 2010, Anthony “Bussa” Contrera, 37, was released this past Monday.

Contrera was arrested over allegations of participating in the casino robbery back in January 2010. The Jackpot Casino and Members Club in Curepe was robbed and one guard was fatally wounded. Accusations against the defendant placed him along with accomplices who pretended to be customers. At some point, Contrera allegedly wounded Qiydaar Alexander, who was a guard at the casino at that time, in the head. According to court records, the guard then passed away from his wounds.

After that, approximately $22,000 ($151,000) was stolen from the casino. Besides the cash, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, the venue’s CCTV system also went missing after the robbery.

There is only one person who can ensure that that takes place. For your sake and the sake of the rest of the society, good luck.”

Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds

Now, according to the news outlet, Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds found Contrera not guilty of the crime that dates back more than a decade. Considering that he served a short sentence in prison for robbery before the incident, Ramsumair-Hinds wished Contrera good luck and asked him to abide by the laws.

Witnesses Who Claim to Have Seen the Man Did Not Testify

Although initially, two witnesses claimed that Contrera attacked Alexander, they did not testify in the lawsuit. Billy John, who was a manager of the casino at the time, as well as Arthleen Thomas, who also worked at the casino, initially spoke to the police but then refused to testify against Contrera.

Despite the claims of eyewitnesses, Contrera rejected the allegations. He outlined that he wasn’t anywhere near the casino at the time of the incident. According to Contrera, while the robbery happened, he was out shopping.

The police weren’t able to recover any of the stolen items from the casino. The firearm that was used in the shooting was also not discovered. Now, the court’s decision puts an end to this decade-long case.


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