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TransUnion to Enter the Regulated US Gambling Market

Identity, fraud, and marketing solutions specialist, TransUnion announced its entry into the US gaming market. The company plans to build upon its lengthy European experience and use it to help operators in the US.

Transunion Enters the US Gaming Market via an Operating Subsidiary

Global information and insights company, TransUnion announced on Wednesday that it enters the US gaming market. The company’s entry will be completed via an operating subsidiary, TransUnion Gaming Services LLC to provide identity, fraud, and marketing solutions to gambling operators across the US.

Before entering the growing US gambling market, TransUnion has operated in Europe, most notably in the UK, for 12 years. TransUnion’s entry is subject to all applicable regulatory approvals. Upon entering the regulated US market, the company plans to support operators and casinos throughout the entire player process. This includes processes related to the acquisition, onboarding, as well as verification. Furthermore, TransUnion plans to reduce friction and tackle industry fraud such as bonus abuse, while at the same time protecting the players.

The Company Will Provide Great Experiences for Businesses and Players

Steve Chaouki, president of US Markets at TransUnion said in a statement that the company will bring its long international gaming market history to the US. Furthermore, he stressed that TransUnion will leverage its expertise to provide great experiences for players, as well as businesses. Chaouki assured that consumer privacy and experience will remain a top priority for TransUnion. Furthermore, he said that the company will deliver capabilities and solutions that enable its customers to seamlessly comply with regulations. At the same time, high customer satisfaction is expected, added Chaouki.

TransUnion will bring its long international history in the gaming markets to the US, where we will leverage our expertise to provide great experiences to both players and businesses.

Steve Chaouki, president of US Markets, TransUnion

One of the solutions that will help TransUnion achieve its goal is TruValidate. The company’s flagship solution features identity proofing, risk-based authentication, as well as fraud analytics. Furthermore, the solution suite combines personal and digital data into a complex data identity platform. TruValidate is deemed as one of the most comprehensive data identity platforms in the world.

TransUnion Plans to Continue Growing

Throughout its long history of providing gaming solutions in the UK, TransUnion has helped operators protect players by providing better data, and actionable insights. Furthermore, at the same time, the company has promoted responsible gaming. While serving top gaming brands related to identity verification, fraud, and responsible gaming in the UK, TransUnion has completed more than 84 million transactions.

Now, the company seeks to build upon its experience and provide its services to US operators. TransUnion is currently in the process of applying for multiple state licenses, seeking approval to work with US operators, helping them reduce their third-party costs.

Glen Goldstein, TransUnion’s Diversified Markets EVP and president of TransUnion Gaming Services, revealed that the company plans to rapidly grow in the US. Furthermore, he stressed that leveraging years of global expertise in the industry and adding new solutions will make TransUnion a key contributor to the US market. In conclusion, Goldstein said that the company’s entry into the US market will “afford more trustworthy relationships between operators and their players“.


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