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Transfer of National Lottery License to Boost Funds for Good Causes

With the transfer of the fourth National Lottery license to Allwyn at the start of February, proceeds to Good Causes are expected to continue growing for the next decade

Since 1994, when the National Lottery in the UK held its first draw, more than 670,000 projects have received vital funding. The Lottery helped raise more than £47 billion ($59.4 billion) for Good Causes and now, considering the transfer of its license, those proceeds are expected to continue growing. For three decades, Camelot held the license for the National Lottery, something that is due to change starting from February 1, 2024, when the license will transfer to Allwyn, the winner of the fourth Lottery license.

In light of this, the gambling regulator in the UK, the Gambling Commission, through the voice of John Tanner, the executive director for the 4th National Lottery Competition, spoke about the upcoming change and what can consumers expect with the change of the license.

On Tuesday, a statement released by the executive director highlighted the efforts of the Commission in collaboration with Camelot, Allwyn and the government to ensure the smooth transition of the National Lottery license. He outlined that the fourth license, expected to run over the next decade, will help raise even more funds for Good Causes.

Since we announced Allwyn as the Preferred Applicant back in March 2022, the team here at the Commission has been working incredibly hard with Allwyn, Camelot and Government to make sure the handover that is coming on 1st February is a seamless one that sets the National Lottery on a firm footing to raise even more funds for Good Causes across the country over the next ten years.

John Tanner, executive director for the 4th National Lottery Competition

Proceeds to Good Causes to Continue to Increase

According to Tanner, the experience for the average Lottery player won’t be different with the change of the new license, starting from February 1. “But over time, as Allwyn rolls out its plans for the National Lottery, you will see changes which we expect will lead to higher Returns to Good Causes,” he added.

Notably, Tanner said that the bigger change will involve the share of pounds that benefit Good Causes. He revealed that a larger share of each pound spent on Lottery products will support different Good Causes across the country.

Tanner revealed that unlike before, with the new license, all National Lottery products will contribute toward Good Causes in the same way. “It also means that for the company who runs the National Lottery – Allwyn – it will only see its profits go up if Returns to Good Causes go up,” he added.

The executive director explained that the fourth Lottery license encourages investments in innovation. At the same time, Tanner said that the new operator of the Lottery remains committed to responsible gambling.


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