November 16, 2023 2 min read


Trainwrecks Teases Big Kick Signings to Upend Streaming Industry

Kick has started out as a platform determined to change the way video content creators are paid, and its co-founder has now teased some serious signings down the road with industry-wide ripple effects

Trainwrecks, a popular streamer who has consolidated his presence as one of the most prominent gambling streamers and co-founder of Kick, a disruptor streaming service, has suggested that the highly successful platform is on its way to make some huge signings that would “devastate” the streaming industry and offer even more opportunities for small and mid-sized hardworking creators to gain traction.

New Potential Signee to Change the Streaming Paradigm

Kick has been a pioneer in letting in gambling streamers and also letting consumers filter gambling content if they don’t wish to see it in the first place. The platform has since signed Amouranth and Adin Ross, xQc, and offered them eye-watering seven-figure deals, including a purported $100 million offer to xQc, which has been recently criticized.

As to Trainwrecks, the Kick co-founder is very confident that the next signings on the platform will include personalities whose switch to the platform will be felt well across the streaming segment. Who this may be is another matter altogether. Kick has not revealed any details about who the new contracts may target.

However, the streaming giant has spared no dime in bringing over more prominent figures, encroaching easily on Twitch territory and compelling consumers, content creators, and viewers to set their new streaming home as Kick.

Kick has also made sure that its platform is organic and free of manipulations, addressing both earlier concerns about botting and the proliferation of gambling content. Kick has been able to completely upend how streamers are paid.

Potential Target for Devastating Signing

The platform offers a 95/5 split, with the bulk going to the content creators themselves, whereas Twitch and YouTube offer 50/50 and 70/30 respectively. Some content creators though have not been tempted by the Kick’s carrot just yet with Asmongold openly supporting the platform but not making a switch.

There was speculation earlier in 2023, and indeed, Asmongold joining now would really coincide with Trainwrecks’ promise of a “devastating signing.”


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