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Tournament Dollars Replace Satellites at PartyPoker

  • Tournament Dollars (T$) at partypoker allow players to buy in to any MTT
  • Launched after the success of LIVE $$$ currency in April
  • Some satellites will still be available for Power Series events

Satellites will be replaced with Tournament Dollars (T$) at partypoker. Players will be able to enter into any MTTs on the site.

New Tournament Dollars at PartyPoker

Partypoker is presenting players with a new option that offers them more flexibility when it comes to winning entry into tournaments. Tournament Dollars (T$) are a new currency that will replace the tickets that players usually win from satellite tournaments, and allows them to enter into any MTT that they want.

Usually, when you win a satellite tournament, partypoker would provide you with a ticket into a specific event. Your satellite ticket would only make you eligible for that specific tournament. If you couldn’t make the event, then you would simply lose your buy-in unless you could sell the ticket to someone else.

Now, instead of satellite tickets, players will receive Tournament Dollars. They will have the same value as actual dollars, and you can use them to buy tickets into whatever event you want to enter. The one thing to remember is that your Tournament Dollars will expire 12 months after you receive them.

The best part of the Tournament Dollars concept is that players can mix and match their entries. Whereas satellite tickets can only be used for one event, you can purchase multiple buy-ins. For example, if you have T$400, you can buy entry into a $100 event and two $50 tournaments.

Built on the Success of LIVE $$$

In April 2019, partypoker launched LIVE $$$, a new currency for poker players on the site. Using these dollars, players were table to purchase entry into partypoker LIVE events, and pay for travel and expenses at these tournaments.

The idea became quite popular, so partypoker executives decided to expand Tournament Dollars to regular online tournaments. Still, some traditional satellites will be made available for the Power Series. So, if you’re not sold on the concept of the new currency, you’ll have the option to go about earning entry in another way.  

There’s no telling how players will respond to partypoker’s new Tournament Dollars. If there is a positive response, there is the chance that other online poker sites will follow suit. It has the potential to cause a shift in how online poker tournaments work.


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