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Tipsport to Fight Fortuna for Czech Liga Title Sponsorship

Tipsport, the largest betting agency in the Czech Republic, has made a daring move as it offered the Czech Football League Association to become the title sponsor of Czech Liga 1 and 2. This move effectively challenges Fortuna Entertainment, the League’s current sponsor.

Tipsport Challenges Fortuna

According to reports from Czech news outlets, Tipsport offered the Czech Football League Association $6.2 million per season. This is reportedly significantly more than what Fortuna Entertainment currently offers. Through this move, the company hopes to replace its competitor and become the title sponsor of the top divisions of Czech soccer.

In order to accept Tipsport’s deal, the League will have to first rethink its relationship with Fortuna. It is worth noting that the current six-year deal with the company is set to expire after two years.

Tipsport doesn’t plan to just replace Fortuna. On the contrary, the company’s proposal envisions a clean and transparent process. Tipsport asked the Czech Football League Association to launch a competitive tender for Czech Liga 1 and 2’s sponsorship rights. This will allow Fortuna to fight back and submit a better proposal but it will also ensure the fair and transparent process Tipsport hopes on.

Regardless of how the situation develops, Fortuna will get to serve out its final year as title sponsor before submitting a proposal that rivals Tipsport’s.

Winning the tender will be a monumental victory for Tipsport. If it does become the new title sponsor of the Czech Liga, the company will effectively become the title sponsor of other professional sports. This will include the Czech National Basketball League as well as the Extraliga Ice Hockey League.

Tipsport Plans to Also Take On Pragosport

Meanwhile, Tipsport challenged yet another rival. The company put forward a separate deal through which it seeks to replace Pragosport as the leading media rights and streaming partner of the Czech soccer leagues.

Once again, Tipsport submitted an appealing proposal where it offered to support Czech soccer teams. According to Tipsport’s scheme, it would offer around $1.2 million to Czech Liga teams each season. The goal of this move is to help local clubs improve their media and commercial presence.

Tipsport claims that it plans to reap no revenues from this agreement.

On a separate note, Tipsport just announced an extension of its partnership deal with Genius Sports, a sports data and technology company. The two companies have worked together since 2016 and plan to do so for the next few years as well.


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