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Time2Play to Pay Gamban Subscriptions for Vulnerable Gamblers

Time2Play, a casino comparison website, has inked a new partnership with Gamban, a provider of safe and responsible gambling technology and solutions. Through this partnership, Time2Play hopes to deliver on its promise to put the player and their well-being first. As a result, Time2Play will provide free subscriptions to vulnerable gamblers who want to dial down their gaming or outright stop.

Gamban and Time2Play Set out to Help Vulnerable Gamblers

Gamban has an established track record in supporting problem gamblers and has been working to ensure that operators, as well as consumers, have the means to stay away from gambling harm. The Gamban application effectively makes it simple for consumers to restrict access or outright block gambling websites that they do not wish to visit anymore.

Thanks to Gamban, players can protect themselves from different gambling websites, apps, and other services that may target vulnerable gamblers or tempt them into coming back to play. Gamban offers a draconian safety net that cannot be deactivated manually once an initial period is set.

Gamban is a subscription-based service, though, and costs $35 per year, which allows it to maintain its product sharp and customer data safe. Time2Play is now prepared to pay for the subscription of each player that needs it, touting the Gamban platform as one of the most efficient responsible gambling tools currently available on the market.

Commenting on this partnership, Time2Play co-founder Tim Tepass said that the website was prepared to assist vulnerable players who are struggling with addiction and want a way out. Gamban, Tepass said, was the obvious choice because of the proven technology that is used to safeguard gamblers from harm.

“Although a focus on reducing problem gambling isn’t something new for Time2play, it’s something that the business plans to push even further in 2022. This is in line with the growth of the US casino market and Time2play launching in other geographical locations.”

Time2Play co-founder Tim Tepass

Gambling Affiliates Can Help Tackle Problem Gambling

Tepass said that Time2Play could not just sit idle and claim to be “for the user” if its action spoke otherwise. The executive acknowledged that there are some tensions when it comes to who should be helping players give up on their habit, with calls in the United Kingdom for the industry not to fund problem gambling treatment as part of the National Health System growing more vociferous.

However, Tepass is also confident that casino affiliate websites such as Time2Play and responsible gambling initiatives can exist in harmony and without one denying the other and vice versa. This optimistic outlook was shared by Gamban co-founder Jack Symons who said that more should be done to get information to players that help is always available:

“Affiliates are positioned to make people aware of these resources early on. Through better visibility and accessibility of these resources, Time2play can raise standards for affiliates in reducing gambling harm.”

Gamban co-founder Jack Symons

Gamban recently translated its software into Spanish opening up its product for another huge demographics that may need effective tools to restrict reckless gambling behavior.


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