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The US Appeals Court Decision to Exonerate Steve Wynn from Foreign Agent Allegations

The government claimed that Judge Boasberg’s decision sets a dangerous precedent and will encourage gamesmanship

Steve Wynn, the former CEO of Wynn Resorts, may have to defend himself in court once again.

An earlier case against the real estate developer accused him of lobbying the Trump administration on behalf of China and asked him to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. According to the allegations, Wynn had asked ex-POTUS Donald Trump to deport Guo Wengui, a known dissident, back to his home country.

The eventual federal court ruling stated that the casino magnate does not have to register as a foreign agent. Even if Wynn used to have ties with the Chinese government, they must have ended in 2017, US District Judge James E. Boasberg said.

However, the case is being revived once again as the US Government seeks to appeal this decision. The government claimed that Boasberg’s decision sets a dangerous precedent as fewer people would be inclined to register under FARA if they have stopped their work for another country.

In addition, Steve Wynn was still a finance chairman of the Republican National Committee at the time of the Guo situation.

Wynn Asked Trump to Deport Guo

Guo Wengui is a Chinese billionaire who fled the country in 2014 after coming under fire for alleged participation in corruption. He blasted the allegations for being untruthful and claimed that they are the result of corruption within the government.

Guo was sentenced to death in China. According to the Chinese government, he is guilty of corruption, stock market manipulations and abandonment of his post amid the pandemic.

During his exile in the US, Guo became the target of Sun Lijun, former vice minister of China’s Ministry of Public Security. According to the previous lawsuit, the lobbyist Elliot Broidy introduced Wynn to Sun. As a result, Wynn decided to help the Chinese diplomat get Guo back to China, the allegations say.

Some speculate that Wynn might have sought to maintain а favorable relationship with the Chinese government, hoping that this would benefit his business in Macau. The lawsuit claimed that Wynn contacted Trump personally, dined with him and even contacted him on the phone multiple times, discussing the Guo matter.

This is not the only case against Wynn and his company to be brought up in recent times. Last year, he was accused of intimidating Angelica Limcaco, who testified against him and his company and claimed that he raped one of her salon employees in 2005.

The latter case, however, was dismissed as unviable and outdated.


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