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The SRIJ Seeks to Regulate Crash and Loot Games

Serviço de Regulação Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ, Portugal’s gambling regulator) seeks to introduce new rules. The authority wants to implement multiplier regulations for the popular Crash and Loot style games.

Crash and Loot Games Have Skyrocketed in Popularity

Crash and Loot is one of the fastest-growing genre of online casino games. Thanks to their multiplier aspect, such titles hook players and make their gambling experience more exciting.

In Crash and Loot games players can multiply their wagers if they cash out of each round against a randomized clock. At the beginning of the game, the multiplier sits at x 1.00. As time passes, the multiplier increases and so does the reward. The player is allowed to cash out their money at any point of the game. If they don not do it in time, however, the multiplier will crash (as the title suggests) and the bettor will lose their wager.

Right now, Crash and Loot games can immediately crash on startup if a player’s luck is bad. Alternatively, they can continue until the multiplier reaches a thousand or more in rare cases.

The SRIJ Wants to Regulate the New Genre

As Crash and Loot games continue to grow, the SRIJ decided to introduce set rules to govern the genre. The authority drafted a version of its new gambling law and sent it over to stakeholders for review. First of all, the SRIJ wants to establish clear characteristics that define Crash and Loot games before the law.

As per SRIJ’s proposed rules, operators that want to provide Crash and Loot games will need to first be allowed to do so by the regulator. In the drafted version of the regulations, online casino companies will need to fit 49 technical criteria before being able to offer such titles.

Portugal’s regulator also seeks to set rules that govern the multiplier fluctuations. According to the proposed regulations, Crash and Loot games must make it possible to cash out at x 1.01 multiplier. Additionally, operators must set a maximum multiplier of x 100. Lastly, the SRIJ appealed to Portugal’s current regulations that state players should get back at least 80% of their stake on average.

The Portuguese regulator has been introducing more and more strict restrictions on the gambling industry lately. In October, the authority contemplated a ban on gambling advertisements during the day to prevent gambling harm.

Two months ago, the SRIJ decided to introduce a ban on live odds and categorized them as a form of illegal gambling advertisement.


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