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The Río Negro Lottery Introduced a New Daily Draw

On April 1, 2022, the Río Negro Lottery added a new daily draw of the Quiniela, called “La Previa”, to its other four Quiniela daily draws. “La Previa” will take place Monday through Saturday at 10:15 am.

New Schedule for All the Quiniela Draws

The inclusion of the “La Previa” draw changed the schedules of the remaining draws, namely: La Previa at 10:15 am, El Primero at 12 pm, La Matutina at 3 pm, La Vespertina at 6 pm, and La Nocturna at 9 pm.

Thanks to the incorporation of the new draw, the Quiniela has 25 draws per month. Currently, the Quiniela captures 82 percent of the total lottery bets.

10 days after the introduction of “La Previa”, the company pointed out that the revenue levels increased without affecting the sale of the remaining draws. The revenue of the Quiniela for April amounts to $1.2 million and $841,237 was paid out in prizes.

Jorge Manzo, the Río Negro Lottery comptroller, stated that the new daily draw had been incorporated thanks to several other Argentine lotteries. He added that the new daily draw has been quite beneficial for the lottery agent as well as for the players and the people from Rio Negro, because it contributed to the revenue collection system and the transfers.

“La Rionegrina” Broadcasted Five Times a Day

On the other hand, Nicolás Aballay, sales manager of the Rio Negro Lottery, highlighted the commitment and efforts of the human resource division stating that it helped everything to work properly. Transmission masks, promotion materials for the points of sale, and digital materials for the website and the social networks were created, which allowed the “La Rionegrina” to be transmitted live five times a day from Monday to Saturday from the Río Negro Lottery’s draw room, which is one of the most modern in Argentina, as stated by Aballay.

In April, the Rio Negro Lottery signed a cooperation agreement with the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and the Family (SENAF) to coordinate jointly prevention actions and promotion of rights in childhood and adolescence.

Earlier, in February, the company established a toll-free telephone line in order to assist the players who encounter problems with the games.

In 2021, the Rio Negro Lottery turned 43. The company sells a total of 11 games and has more than 700 points of sale throughout the Rio Negro province. Per the Rio Negro Lottery balance sheet for FY2021, the company registered transfers worth $5.53 million, which was three times more than the money transferred in 2020.

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