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The Pools Launches Footie 5 to Boost Engagement During the Women’s Euro

The Pools has launched a free-to-play game that is focused on women’s soccer as the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euro kicks off. Footie 5 is the name of the game and it gives players a chance to guess the scores of the next 5 matches and take part in the £25,000 ($29,800) jackpot. 

Footie 5 Will Have Tons of Interesting Features

Players will be able to set up leagues with their friends and compete against each other to find out who’s the best punter. Additionally, they will be able to use a swap feature to personalize their selection and thus, increase their chances of winning. 

Lee Pinnington, The Pools’ chief marketing officer, stated that there’s hardly a better way to “kick off the Women’s Euros” than to give fans the chance to play an interesting game, have an entertaining time and participate to possibly win the jackpot prize.

She also added that the Women’s Euro is highly likely to be an amazing tournament and that The Pools is delighted to be in a position to provide further excitement for the fans.

Footie 5 marks the first time in The Pools’ 100-year history that women’s soccer is in the spotlight and in order to have a chance to win the £25,000 ($29,800) jackpot, all players have to do is correctly predict the outcome of 5 fixtures. 

Rachel Brown-Finnis, a former England goalkeeper, now a Pools panel expert and a pundit, stated that “The Pools is synonymous with soccer” and noted that she remembers watching the games every Saturday to see if she can predict the scores. 

As a concluding matter, Brown-Finnis stated women’s soccer is now more on the radar than ever before and female fans will have a unique way to get involved with the sport even more. 

Kelly Smith, a former England striker, also shared her thoughts. She said that the sport has managed to develop a lot since the time she played and now is such a thrilling time as the English national squad is “one of the best squads” she’s ever seen. She added that the popularity of women’s soccer has sky-rocketed recently and having The Pools on board is a nice addition. 

Women’s Euro Smashed Attendance Records

The opener game of the 2022 Women’s Euro was recently edged in history as it smashed attendance records. A total of 68,781 fans turned out to watch the host, England, play against Australia as the host edged a 1-0 win.

Germany versus Norway held the previous record, which was set when the two teams clashed in the 2013 Women’s Euro Final in Sweden. A total of 41,301 people attended the game and the new record just shows how much women’s soccer has progressed over time. Numerous companies have become well aware of that fact which is why they are now more than open to sponsoring women’s soccer and helping it grow in both popularity and quality.

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