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The MMA Fan Podcast Teams up with GamCare to Promote Responsible Gambling

The popular social media show and the organization dedicated to tackling problem gambling in the United Kingdom have entered a fresh collaboration

The MMA Fan Podcast will work with GamCare to promote gambling addiction awareness and help consumers who may be at risk or suffering be aware of the resources that exist in the United Kingdom and are at their disposal. The partnership was announced over a Twitter message shared on the podcast’s official channel.

Helping the Charity Get the Message Out

“We are pleased to announce we’ve partnered with GamCare,” the tweet said, lauding the charity for its efforts to help tackle gambling addiction and help family, friends, and people affected by gambling addiction in general. 

The show is co-hosted by actor Blake Harrison, known for his role in the TV show Inbetweeners, who will help drive the message home. The other person on the podcast is Stu Whiffen, an MMA fan and friend of Harrison with whom he will work to help promote responsible gambling. Harrison pitched in:

I have seen a lot of the negative side effects of gambling and gambling addictions. A lot of people don’t think that they have a problem when actually they do. I think this charity does a lot of great work.

Blake Harrison

The MMA Fan Podcast has already been approached by gambling companies, but the pair have denied collaboration with industry representatives. Whiffen argue that it was inappropriate for the show to seek support from gambling entities, or promote their voice, especially when he personally knew people who had been impacted by problem gambling.

GamCare on the other hand is a trusted charity that has been working tirelessly to provide round-the-clock support to those who may be experiencing gambling-related harm. 

Saying No to Gambling Companies 

The charity works on boosting problem gambling awareness and messages, and at the same time, it provides one-on-one as well as group sessions, seeking to make a meaningful and tangible impact on the fortunes of people who are suffering from gambling addiction. 

Commenting on the sponsorship opportunities by betting companies, Harrison said that neither Whiffen nor he felt comfortable getting the message out to those companies. Instead, the MMA Fan Podcast will now work with GamCare and seek to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives, especially those suffering from problem gambling issues. 


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