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Thai Police Uncovers Infamous UFAV8 Online Gambling Hub

A police raid at UFAV8 has helped the Thai authorities crack down on an important multi-million Baht online gambling hub

During a press conference held last week, the Thai Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) revealed the results of a raid on UFAV8, an infamous online gambling den. The hub had been targeted by an extensive investigation aimed at cracking down on online gambling platforms.

UFAV8 has been exposed as a complex, multi-million baht gambling network that used to facilitate different types of betting, slot gambling, soccer bets, and multiple other games over the course of more than 36 months.

Seized Assets Valued at Over $4.2M

The raid helped the authorities seize assets that were valued at over 150 million baht ($ 4,222,555) while also identifying the alleged mastermind behind the infamous hub in the person of 41-year-old Pramet. The latter was apprehended in the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok

By further investigating the seized assets, the authorities also hinted at a possible link to a casino located in a neighboring country.

The Royal Thai Police’s assistant commissioner-general, Police Lieutenant General Thana Chuwongthe, took the opportunity to address the Thai government’s commitment to crack down on online gambling sites under the attentive leadership of Police General Torsak Sukvimol

The latter is the Royal Thai Police’s commissioner general. According to data from the CCIB’s investigation, the exposed illegal operation had gathered more than 10,000 users while also presumably generating a yearly income of 600 million baht ($16,890,222), as estimated by the authorities. 

Arrest Warrants Issued for 10 Other UFAV8 Associates

The alleged mastermind behind the UFAV8 operations was also connected to Outlaws Thailand, which represents a subsidiary of International Outlaws, a transnational criminal organization known for its ties to drug trading, human trafficking, and various other illegal gambling activities, as reported by The Pattaya News.

CCIB’s commissioner, Police Lieutenant General Worawat Watthanakornbancha, also announced that 10 other arrest warrants for UFAV8 associates suspected to be located in Cambodia’s Poi Pet have been issued.

A 45-year-old suspect with an active arrest warrant issued by the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court has been apprehended by police officers in Nakhon Ratchasima

The charges are connected to his alleged connection to an online gambling gang, with charges of the suspect having impersonated other people to deceive the public while manipulating computer systems with the intent to showcase false information and potentially harm the public.

A year ago, in November 2022, Thai police announced it cracked down on an underground network with potential connections to the operation of 500 illegal gambling websites

In September of the same year, the Thai Ministry of Digital Economy and Society announced the successful shutdown of over 2,800 online gambling platforms in the past year, reflecting the increased interest in ensuring citizens are well-guarded against unregulated websites and businesses. 

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