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TalkBanStop’s Impressive Track Record Helps It Gain Three More Years of Funding

The initiative supports problem gambling with a comprehensive collection of tools and support, encouraging collaboration between different charities

TalkBanStop is a collaboration between leading UK safe gambling organizations GamCare, Gamban, and Gamstop. The program has already achieved substantial progress, reaching thousands of people needing help. Thanks to the three-year extension provided by GambleAware, it will continue to empower individuals, offer guidance, and reduce the harms associated with problem gambling.

The Service Reached Several Significant Milestones

The program’s mission centers around offering free tools and support to individuals struggling with their gambling behavior. Through its user-friendly website and helpline, TalkBanStop provides a safe and confidential space for those seeking guidance, granting them access to its collection of free resources.

Since its inception in 2020, TalkBanStop has helped 12,000 people install Gamban’s free blocking software. Users can also take advantage of another vital feature thanks to the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, helping them voluntarily exclude themselves from multiple gambling operators preventing access to their online gambling platforms. GamCare’s trained advisers round out the package for a truly comprehensive solution.

The program’s initial 12-month run was successful, warranting a one-year extension. Its layered approach proved applicable to people suffering from various stages of gambling addiction, promoting a successful recovery. In December 2022, TalkBanStop released a short movie with UK soccer and YouTube celebrities contributing to the fight against gambling harm.

TalkBanStop’s Services Should Remain Relevant

The collaboration will continue offering freely available tools and support, enabling people to access help and reduce or stop their gambling behaviors. GambleAware, the charity funding the initiative, was impressed with the overall progress. Chief Commissioning Officer  Anna Hargrave was delighted to announce the program’s extension, lauding the efforts of its providers.

The TalkBanStop partnership has provided vital support to thousands…, (helping) tackle the often complex needs of those who need help most.

Anna Hargrave, GambleAware Chief Commissioning Officer

GamCare CEO Anna Hemmings also expressed her excitement to extend the program, uniting the leading UK charities under a single banner. She noted that TalkBanStop’s combined approach was more effective than the sum of its parts, allowing members to share their knowledge and expertise in reducing gambling-related harms.

People are giving themselves the best… chance to stop gambling when they use all three steps of TalkBanStop.

Anna Hemmings, GamCare CEO

The three-year extension should guarantee no pause in the free availability of such valuable tools and support. The collaboration’s members will continue to explore innovative approaches, reach out to marginalized groups and collaborate with local organizations to ensure support is available to everyone in need. By working together, they can make TalkBanStop the one-stop solution for gambling harm prevention.

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