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Tabcorp Remains Committed to Protecting Consumers in FY2022

Tabcorp is firmly committed to its long-term sustainability and positive environmental impact. These are the conclusions that one can draw from reading through the company’s FY22 sustainability report, which covers the company’s sustainability and environmental-centric activities both before and after the demerger with The Lottery Corporation. The report spans the period from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, which is the financial year for Tabcorp.

Charting a Course for Responsible Gambling Future

A big focus of the year has been the company’s dedication to maintaining a sustainable industry through responsible gambling. Tabcorp has focused on helping its customers and introduced a number of measures designed to better allow players to get in control of their gaming habits. Tabcorp has worked on the introduction of a range of tools that help customers set deposit and spending limits, self-exclusion options and more.

The company has been on top of consumer behavior that points to problem gambling and has been able to conduct reviews of at-risk players to help them not go too far with their gambling or be connected with responsible gambling tools, leading to early prevention in what could have been a serious problem otherwise. Tabcorp commented:

Where a customer acknowledges having a gambling problem or we believe the customer is no longer able to hold an account responsibly, we may close the account temporarily or permanently.

Tabcorp sustainability report

Tabcorp took its responsible gambling efforts a notch further also implementing systems that allow it to establish whether players who have self-excluded are trying to set up new accounts and participate in gambling.

Protecting Vulnerable Consumers Becomes the Focal Point of Company Sustainability

The lessons learned during the FY22 will be reapplied over the next years, the report confirmed. The company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible gambling has been clear from the very start. Tabcorp chairman Bruce Akhurst and Group CEO Adam Rytenskild both welcome the opportunity to make sure that all business operations are focusing on the well-being of participants and customers.

Both executives admitted that Tabcorp had to face some challenging times, especially with COVID-19 suppressing results and diminishing spending power, but at the same time, the company has made good progress toward achieving a status of a leader when it comes to sustainability in the industry.

Similarly, Tabcorp is also keen to reduce its dependence on revenue that is generated from problem gambling or vulnerable gamblers.


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