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Symplify Teams up with Bwloto to Boost Engagement for Businesses

Swedish CRM and AI cloud solutions market leader Symplify has signed a fresh partnership with Bwloto, an iGaming platform and lottery solutions provider

The partnership allows two big tech companies to leverage their expertise and create compelling products for a fleet of partner operators in both the online casino and lottery verticals.

Symplify to Boost Bwloto’s Client Offer and Engagement Opportunities

Bwloto is a prominent leader in its field and has more than ten years of experience providing players and businesses with outstanding solutions. One of the company’s biggest highlights is the Mix iGaming platform, along with instant games, lottery games, and a successful track record in working with retail partners.

Bwloto provides clients with advisory services as well as technological know-how and tailored solutions to boost their businesses. Thanks to the tie-up with Symplify, Bwloto is confident that it will be able to deliver even more powerful and worthwhile solutions.

Symplify will make it possible for Bwloto to fully optimize the way the company delivers a range of management services, covering channels such as Print, Social, Dynamic Web, Web Push Messaging, Email, and more.

Symplify’s CEO Robert Kimber welcomed this opportunity and said that the company’s CRM and AI cloud ecosystem is designed to empower businesses and that he was pleased to be teaming up with Bwloto, which has recognized Symplify’s potential impact on business.

This partnership promises plenty as we share the same philosophies on what factors produce long-term, sustainable growth.

Symplify’s CEO Robert Kimber

Bwloto CEO Ivar Unnthorsson was similarly pleased with the development. He said that Bwloto was well aware of the strengths that Symplify incorporated into its products. He assured that Symplify remains committed to delivering more innovation to partner operators through its dedicated Mix iGaming platform.

Companies Confident in Creating Better Value for Partners

Symplify and Bwloto have both confirmed that their combined expertise will lead to much better engagement for clients and help boost an already personalized experience. Bwloto and Symplify have both committed to Responsible Gaming, developing an AI-driven module for the purpose.

This and more are now available thanks to the collaboration which will see Bwloto provide business partners with much better value as Symplify strengthens its global position as a CRM and AI cloud supplier.


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