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Switzerland Blacklists More International iGaming Operators

  • 16 more international gaming operators blacklisted in Switzerland.
  • Concerns raised over gambling addiction due to online gambling.

A total of 16 new rogue domains have recently been added to Switzerland’s online gambling blacklist. The updated blacklist containing the names and domains of a number of rogue international operators who have been providing their services to gamers in the country. This was done by the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board (SFGB).

The decision was set in motion by the country’s new gambling laws which spelled doom for some international operators. First, it was the Intercantonal Lottery and Betting Commission (Comlot) that published a list of online gambling platforms that it had blacklisted. The Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) did the same in early September, a move that affected a number of popular gaming sites such as Pinnacle and Bet365.

After the blacklist was issued the local internet service providers (ISPs) were given the directive to block the websites. Even before the blacklisting, a number of operators had already exited the Swiss gambling market. Some of these companies included partypoker and Bwin.

Tuesday’s list contains a total of 81 international operators including a number of sub-brands of the popular domains. Apparently, this is what Swiss gamblers wanted – they voted in the law that sought to keep gaming revenue within the country’s borders.

Blacklisted Sites to Be Locked Out for 5 Years

Companies like Bet365 that have listed on the Swiss gaming regulator’s blacklist will have to work really hard in order to build up their reputations before they are allowed to operate in the country again. The only way these operators can build up great reputations is by obeying the local laws for no less than five years. This means that they are not allowed to use workarounds such as VPNs.

Once the five years come to an end, the operators will be eligible for re-introduction into the Swiss gaming market. However, to operate, they will be required to partner with local gaming businesses.

Concerns Over Gambling Addiction

According to a recent study commissioned by the Federal Gaming Commission and the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board, close to 3 percent of the Swiss population are gambling addicts or stand a chance of becoming gambling addicts.

The most popular form of gambling in the state is lotteries with 48.2 percent participations. They are followed by raffles and private games at 14.3 percent. Casino table games accounted for 8.6 percent of gaming participation and casino slot machines accounted for 6.7 percent. Also included in the study were gaming rooms and casinos abroad and foreign lotteries (5.7% in total), Swiss sports betting (4.5%) and gambling with international online operators (2.3%).

With these statistics, there are concerns that the online gambling sector in the country may contribute to higher levels of gambling addictions. The gaming commission used the report to justify the government’s decision to restrict its citizens from playing at both local and international gambling sites that are unauthorized.

Edited 10.10.2019: A previous version of the article had a bullet stating that 16 properties had been blacklisted in Sweden. That was incorrect. The correct country is Switzerland. We apologize.


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