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Swedish Watchdog Says Operators Need to Share More about Gambling Risks

The Swedish regulator published the results of a recent follow-up survey on licensees’ information responsibilities.  Although the regulator acknowledged that some improvement was made, it still found major shortcomings regarding the information on gambling-related risks which licensed operators need to share with their customers.

Spelinspektionen Reveals Results of Survey on Licensees’ Information Responsibilities

Sweden’s regulator, Spelinspektionen announced the results of a follow-up survey earlier this week regarding the information on responsible gambling that licensed operators need to share on their websites. The Swedish regulator initiated the campaign back in 2019 and published the results back in April 2020. Although the regulator acknowledged that improvements were made since then, it has also concluded that further improvements need to be implemented by the licensed operators.

Spelinspektionen revealed that most of the licensed gambling websites reviewed now had a visible responsible gambling logo, available in both guest and logged in mode. Furthermore, most of the web-sites had “sufficient reference” to the independent hot-line helping with problem-gambling or gambling-related issues.

The regulator outlined that many of the licensed operators did not share sufficient information regarding their licenses, such as a telephone number and address. Several licensed operators did not include information about their license duration. On the other hand, some did not include information that the Swedish Gambling Authority is in charge of both licensing and regulation.

In terms of the gambling-related risks, the Swedish regulator found that there are still “major shortcomings”. The regulator stressed that information about gambling-related risks must be available with “concrete examples” of the negative impact that problem gambling can have on certain people.

Spelinspektionen stressed that it is the responsibility of the licensees to “keep up to date” with the requirements and regulations in the area. Furthermore, the regulator warned that the result of the shortcomings may lead to intervention. The regulator also assured that it will continue to check whether the licensed operators are complying with the rules and regulations.

Last month, the operator imposed a fine for the online casino operator Videoslots over violations of the temporary deposit limit introduced. The operator was warned by Spelinspektionen to stop the violation and pay a fine of approximately $30,000 per week, starting from the date the company was notified of the decision.


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