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Svenska Spel Awards $380K for Five Studies on Gambling Addiction

Five studies into gambling addiction secured a share of a SEK 4.1 million grant from Svenska Spel's independent research council

Swedish state-owned online casino operator, Svenska Spel, reaffirmed its ongoing efforts toward research on gambling addiction with grants from its independent research council. On Tuesday, Svenska Spel’s independent research council confirmed it has selected five research studies that received a total of SEK 4.1 million ($377,000) in the form of grants.

The studies seek to help uncover important knowledge about gambling addiction and its impact on others. Additionally, Svenska Spel’s grants seek to help determine effective responsible gambling methods and better ways for treating problem gambling.

Over a decade ago, in 2010, Svenska Spel’s independent research council was founded. Over the last 13 years, the council played a pivotal part by distributing SEK 45 million ($4.2 million) to 35 scientific studies and research projects within the gambling vertical. The latest grants reaffirm its commitment to developing effective methods for treating gambling addiction and gaining valuable knowledge about the impact of such addiction on the people affected and their families.

Sara Lindholm Larsson, Svenska Spel’s chairman of the independent research council, highlighted the importance of the grants this year. She explained that the vital funding will help gain unique insights and knowledge about gambling addiction.

This year’s granted research project will contribute both to increased knowledge about gambling addiction and which gambling responsibility measures work.

Sara Lindholm Larsson, chairman of Svenska Spel’s independent research council

According to Larsson, the studies planned for this year will help in the development of more effective guidelines and policies. She pointed out that the studies will help uncover new treatment methods and ways to prevent problem gambling. Finally, Larrson said: “Svenska Spel’s contribution to research and the dissemination of knowledge about games is crucial for many in society today and tomorrow.”

Grants to Support Five Studies

As noted, funding will be awarded to five different studies planned for this year. The list includes a study on “Family-centered treatment for problematic gaming,” led by Emma Claesson-Knutsdotter from the Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University. The study secured SEK 800,000 in grants from the independent research council.

Another SEK 800,000 was awarded to Kristina Berglund, from the Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg for a study on “Exploring craving in different samples of problem gamblers.”

On the other hand, Nathan Lakew from the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, leading a study on “Payment gateways in responsible gambling: A predictive design perspective” secured SEK 1 million in grants.

Claes Andersson from the Department of Criminology, Malmö University received a SEK 700,000 grant for a study on “Gambling in university students: Pathways to care and mental health outcomes.”

Last but not least, the study “How are gamblers and concerned significant others affected by Spelpaus?” led by Anders Håkansson from the Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, secured a grant of SEK 800,000.


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