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Support for Maryland iGaming Swells, According to a Survey

In order for the measure to reach the 2024 ballot, Senate Bill 267 would need to be advanced out of the Budget and Taxation Committee

Maryland is considering opportunities to expand its online gaming industry as locals express interest in online casino gaming. The state, which already allows slot machines and online sportsbooks, could be on the way to legalizing more verticals.

As it turns out, an overwhelming number of Marylanders support the legalization of online casino games. According to a survey led by, almost 76% of a total sample of 1,000 registered voters said that they would like online gaming to be greenlit.

Carried out by Pollfish, the survey found that all age groups were in favor of online gaming, with the most overwhelming support coming from 35-44-year-olds. For reference, 85% of respondents in this age group said that they would vote in favor of the legalization. The 18-24 group was still mostly supportive of the discussed measure, although less so at 63%.

In addition, MDBetting reported that 83% of men and 69% of women supported online gaming.

The survey indicated that Maryland voters would likely approve an iGaming measure if the matter reaches the 2024 ballot.

In order for the measure to reach the 2024 ballot, Senate Bill 267 would need to be advanced out of the Budget and Taxation Committee. After that, it would need to secure the approval of both chambers of the Maryland legislature. If the majority of voters approve the measure, legal online casino gaming might launch by June 2025.

MDBetting noted that a portion of the revenue from traditional casinos goes to the Education Trust Fund and to small minority-owned businesses in the state. If Maryland approves iGaming the support for these initiatives will likely increase.

Senator Ron Watson, one of the main sponsors of SB 267, previously implied that additional money from online operations would be provided to Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.

Watson, also believes that Maryland is still missing “one vital component” of gambling, which is iGaming.

The fundamental aspect of this bill, it creates a new funding stream for education, and I have deep concerns that we need to do what we can to support our Blueprint.

Sen. Ron Watson

If Maryland succeeds in passing SB 267, it will become the seventh state with legal online casino gaming. For reference, the states where iGaming is currently legal are Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


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