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Super Bowl 2022 Biggest Losers: Mattress Mack Goes Kaput on $9.5M Wager

If you are sorry that you have missed out on the betting bonanza that was Super Bowl LVI, don’t be. The sobering story of Mattress Mack, a businessman and a clever marketeer by the actual name of Jim McIngvale, could be an excellent example as to why there was not much to miss out on. Mattress Mack wagered a massive $9.5 million in wagers to see the Bengals win the Super Bowl 2022.

“It’s a Toss Up” Mattress Mack Says about His Wager

The man has long been running such hefty wagers to incentivize more people to buy from his furnishing store. Buy up to $3,000 of merchandise, Mack would advertise, and if his bet wins, he will pay you back. Now, spontaneous buyers and Mack are probably smarting because of the close-run that saw the Bengals lose by a mere three-point difference to the Los Angeles Rams.

Mack missed out on a $16.15 million payout, plus the $9.5 million he wagered himself. He, though, is an intelligent businessman regardless of what you think. He has been known to incentivize consumers to purchase his merchandise regardless of the outcome. He even admitted that his bet was a toss-up and not necessarily a sure-fire wager.

“It could come down to a final field goal, like a lot of these exciting playoff games,” Mack told ESPN. Mack has been placing enormous wagers for over 15 years now, and he has always tied them up to his signature move – a full cashback payment on customers who buy $3,000 or more of mattresses or reclining furniture.

Naturally, many people were cheering for the Bengals and were heartbroken to see the Rams claim a last-minute victory over their opponents. While some may have expected to get their money back off the Bengals winning, they may have to contend with a better night’s sleep owing to Mack’s quality merchandise. As to football fans out there, this Super Bowl was far more satisfying than the one-sided spectacle we saw last year.

As to the man himself, he seldom loses shut-eye, overselling a good number of mattresses, most of which are said to cover his losses on the bets anyway. Mack’s $9.5-million wager was also the biggest legal amount bet on a Super Bowl game.


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