Streamer, TikToker Sexually Assaulted While at The Palazzo

A woman posted a video online, claiming she was sexually assaulted while visiting The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The video went viral on TikTok with the lady filming the alleged assailant and complaining about the incident to security guards.

Famous TikToker and Streamer Sexually Assaulted

Ariel Lyndsey, the famous TikToker and Twitch streamer, recently visited The Palazzo while on a business trip. Without any doubt, sexual assault was the last thing that the famous TikToker expected to encounter during her visit to Las Vegas. Lyndsey posted a video online, claiming that while at The Palazzo, a man had sexually assaulted her.

The video starts with Lyndsey shouting at the alleged assailant telling him not to touch her. She then slaps him in the face. The male then proceeds to enter a men’s restroom. While the alleged assailant is in the restroom, Lyndsey explains that he assaulted her by sexually grabbing her backside.

Alleged Assailant Flees, the Lady Explains the Encounter to Casino Security

Clearly frustrated by the situation, Lyndsey and her friends are waiting for the security. She explains that the unknown male allegedly has put his hand up her skirt and grabbed her. Then Lyndsey calls the alleged assailant a “sicko” while her friends try to calm her down.

After that, she tells a story that such an unpleasant encounter has happened to her before when she was in Santa Monica. Acknowledging that the previous time she didn’t take action, Lyndsey says that she promised to herself that if anyone grabs her like that she wouldn’t let it go without taking action.


really uncomfortable for me to post but this so messed up I promised myself Id spread awareness and not let this just get ignored #lasvegas #sa #help

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The alleged assailant then exits the toilet and Lyndsey and her friends try to stop him. They confront him by asking if he would apologize for what he did but he didn’t respond. Then the man pushed the girls aside and ran away.

After that, Lyndsey is filmed talking to the security guard at the casino and explaining what happened. According to the video, the security guard arrived approximately 5 minutes after Lyndsey’s encounter with the alleged assailant. Upon discussing the incident with the security guard, another male approaches them saying that the alleged assailant called Lyndsey crazy, while he was in the toilet.

The Assailant Is Facing Charges

Since it was initially posted, Lyndsey’s video was seen more than 9 million times. Moreover, it was shared more than 13,000 times and the famous TikToker has also posted multiple updates regarding the situation. In one of her updates, the famous streamer stressed that the whole encounter wasn’t staged and it is incredibly insensitive of people that have posted such claims under the initial video.

She explained that the alleged assailant was detained by security for questioning and that she had also pressed charges against him. What is troubling is the fact that he was released afterward. Although her trip to The Palazzo was sponsored, Lyndsey said that she had to go loud about the unpleasant encounter. Speaking with the police, she said that the alleged assailant would be released but her story “checks out” when compared to the security footage of the incident. Police also told Lyndsey that she can proceed with filing the charges against the male.

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