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Streamer Receives Fine in Denmark over Illegal Gambling Promotion

A fine of $1,500 was imposed against an unnamed streamer in Denmark that was found to have promoted illegal gambling websites via Twitch

Denmark is renowned for its robust regulations when it comes to gambling. The country’s regulatory body in charge of gambling, Spillemyndigheden, also popular as the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), constantly monitors the land-based and online gambling sector, ensuring that licensees comply with the established rules.

On Wednesday, the Authority revealed that a content creator accepted a fine after it was uncovered that they advertised unlicensed gambling operators. Judging by a statement released by the DGA, an investigation conducted earlier this year uncovered that one content creator on the popular platform Twitch, engaged in advertising of operators that do not hold a Danish license.

Considering that such advertisements are against the regulations, the gambling regulator reported the incident to the country’s police. Upon further investigation, the police authorities concluded that the streamer, whose name was not disclosed, indeed breached the established regulations.

As a result, the streamer was hit with a fine of DKK 10,000 ($1,460) which was a sum that was recommended by the gambling regulator. The aforementioned case marks the first time Spillemyndigheden uncovers and helps punish illegal gambling advertising in the country.

In live streams, the streamer has advertised a gambling provider without a Danish license. Earlier this year, the Danish Gambling Authority discovered that the streamer advertised the unlicensed sites and reported the streamer to the police. The police assessed that the streamer violated the law, and the streamer was fined DKK 10,000, which was the amount recommended by the Danish Gambling Authority,

reads a statement released by the Danish Gambling Authority

DGA Continues to Monitor the Gambling Market

The latest enforcement action comes after earlier this week, the DGA confirmed it blocked 49 illegal gambling websites. The action came after a court ruled in favor of blocking access to the websites.

This increased the number of blocked illegal gambling operators to 276 since the Authority started monitoring and blocking such websites back in 2012. Among the lengthy list of blocked operators was the popular online casino,

Upon confirming the newly blocked 49 illegal gambling websites, the regulator also revealed that it will increase the frequency of blocks, imposing blocks twice per year. Ultimately, by blocking illegal gambling operators twice a year, the DGA seeks to protect more customers from unlicensed and unregulated gambling operators.


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