November 13, 2023 3 min read


Streamer Adin Ross Sends $100,000 via Stake to Drake

The famous social media personality said during a recent stream that Drake doesn't need to give the money back

The globally recognized rapper, songwriter and social media personality, Drake, gained more popularity over the last few years with his hefty wagers on sports and online gambling. Similar to gambling streamers, Drake places hefty wagers on Stake, the leading online gambling platform. While some of Drake’s bets are wins, he does have some losses but that isn’t likely to worry him considering his status as a global superstar.

During a recent stream, Adin Ross, a popular American online streamer and social media personality, announced he sent some $100,000 in gambling funds to Drake via Stake. In a recent stream, Ross confirmed that the famous rapper sent him a text that he “felt” and confirmed his intention to send him $100,000. The famous streamer said that he would tip Drake, urging viewers of the chat not to act “weird.”

Besides tipping Drake $100,000, Ross said during the recent stream that the rapper doesn’t need to pay him back. “Go run it up, you need this. You need this bro. I know money has been tight lately for you and s**t. I know, bro, I know… it’s been rough,” said Ross during his recent stream.

While Ross agreed to send the money to Drake, he asked the famous rapper to let him know what would happen to that money. “You gotta turn that into a million dollars,” he added. Then, Ross said that once the $100k turns to $1 million, Drake can use the money for online gambling like slots or whatever else he wants.

Was That a Joke with a $100K Price Tag?

Currently, Drake and Ross, who both use Stake, are friends, so the gifted $100,000 was likely a joke from one of them to the other. They both gamble high stakes online, yet the stream with the giveaway did raise some eyebrows. During the recent stream, one of Ross’ friends joked around saying that they had known each other for seven years and that his mom was hungry. Another one of his friends also pitched in with a joke saying: “Hey Drake, I’m homeless.”

In another recent stream, Ross played Wanted Dear or a Wild, a slot game by Hacksaw Gaming. Playing the game on Stake, the famous streamer hit a $2 million payout. This happened just a day after he scored another massive win, taking home $700,000.

Last month, Drake missed a $1.3 million payout on a wager for the boxing match between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul. At the time, the rapper reportedly lost $850,000 after placing a wager that Paul would win with a knockout win against Danis.


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