February 21, 2023 3 min read


Stoiximan Becomes Major Sponsor for the Greek Super League

The famous Greek online betting company, Stoiximan, announced a new sponsorship deal under which it was recognized as the Major Sponsor of the Super League Championship

Announced Monday, the new collaboration sees the Super League Championship become Stoiximan Super League. The collaboration will be in effect for a total of three seasons. In other words, it will include the current season, the 2023-2024 season, as well as the 2024-2025 season. Not unexpectedly, the new sponsorship deal will deliver unique experiences for soccer fans and bettors alike.

Ultimately, the duo vowed to take fan engagement and experience to a new level by organizing different social initiatives. Such unique activations will be available inside and outside stadiums, elevating further the excitement for fans of the team and the sport as well.

The Sponsorship Is Expected to Help Soccer in Greece

Panos Konstantopoulos, Stoiximan’s vice president, explained that 2023 marks a milestone moment for the company as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary. According to him, this achievement comes at a perfect moment, considering that Stoiximan plans further expansion and growth on a global scale.

Moreover, Konstantopoulos said that the collaboration with the leading professional soccer club in Greece comes after recently, Stoiximan “achieved the greatest global distinction, as a leading company internationally and to be the only betting company in the world to be a sponsor of the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup.”

Our scope of cooperation goes beyond a typical sponsorship cooperation and extends to the expansion of the social footprint of Greek football, which is always the basis of our cooperation.

Panos Konstantopoulos, vice president of Stoiximan

The vice president added that the company’s collaboration with the Super League Championship seeks to boost the popularity of Greek soccer. Finally, Konstantopoulos said that Stoiximan wants to help the development of soccer in the country as well.

We welcome to the Super League football family Stoiximan, a strategic partner on many levels, as the institutional cooperation between Stoiximan and Super League includes signage at the stadiums, significant TV and online exposure, as well as an action plan which aims at making the best use of the enormous potential of the most popular sport in our country.

Katia Koxenoglou, deputy president of the Board of Directors of the Super League

Katia Koxenoglou, the Super League’s deputy president of the Board of Directors, was similarly excited about the sponsorship agreement with Stoiximan. She explained that the new collaboration will benefit the duo and deliver exciting experiences for soccer fans as well. Finally, Koxenoglou thanked Stoiximan for their collaboration and predicted that sponsorship will deliver success to the duo.


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