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STATSCORE Unveils In-Depth Player Analytics for Top European Soccer Leagues

In-depth player live data and statistics will be available in the company’s ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI products

Polish sports data company STATSCORE announced that it is now offering in-depth player analytics for many of Europe’s top-flight soccer leagues, including LaLiga, Bundesliga and Serie A, among others.

The launch of these new analytics aligns with STATSCORE’s commitment to providing a 360-degree view of soccer games and constantly enhancing the data delivered to its partners.

According to STATSCORE’s announcement, in-depth player live data and statistics will be available in the company’s ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI products. The data company listed the full number of soccer leagues it will be offering in-depth player analytics for, which include the following:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • Europe League
  • LaLiga
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • Süper Lig
  • Super League 1

Thanks to the new launch, STATSCORE will now offer coverage of key player incidents, such as goals, penalties and shots. This will provide fans with a unique perspective on the sports action, bolstering their engagement.

The New Data Will Benefit Sportsbooks

Player information will include real-time data on aspects like the ways in which a goal is scored. This, for example, will include left foot/right foot, header, scored within the penalty area or outside and specific part of the net in which the ball was hit.

STATSCORE announced that it has applied the same approach to incidents. As a result, STATSCORE clients will be able to provide their players with information on when and how a penalty was scored, saved or missed.

STATSCORE added that the in-depth player data will help betting operators and other sports-oriented businesses engage their players and provide them with detailed information they care about.

According to the Polish data specialist, the new datasets will allow sports and sports betting aficionados to “delve deeper into the statistics that define the game.”

This type of data provides an opportunity to craft brand-new betting options that would appeal to a diverse range of betting enthusiasts. It’s no longer just about predicting the outcome of a match – it’s about predicting specific aspects of player performance!

STATSCORE statement

The company concluded that the new data is a great way to make match coverage, analysis, and commentary more engaging and informative.

Exactly a month ago, STATSCORE extended its data partnership with the Slovenian PrvaLiga.


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