September 8, 2023 2 min read


STATSCORE Includes LatAm Soccer Competitions, Expands Data Coverage

The company confirmed it expanded its soccer data coverage with more competitions from Latin America

STATSCORE, the leading provider of high-quality sports data, live sports statistics and software covering some of the most popular sports, expanded its data coverage by including more Latin American soccer competitions. Only recently, the company boosted its cricket data offering with the addition of the famous 2023 Asia Cup.

Now, acknowledging the importance of soccer for the Latin American region, the company revealed it significantly extended its coverage for more competitions within the region. The leading provider of sports data confirmed that it broadened the coverage to include competitions from countries, including Argentina and Brazil, among others.

The increased coverage applies to STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed product. Partner companies that leverage the innovative product can access live data widgets such as LivematchPro, among other features that will be available for an increased number of competitions.

Adam Działach, STATSCORE’s product manager, explained that the company remains committed to delivering expanded data feeds for its partners within the media and betting vertical. Finally, he pointed out: “With the Latin American market growing, we’re excited about this latest expansion, which will certainly meet growing demands for more in-depth coverage of the region’s top football competitions.”

At STATSCORE, we’re dedicated to expanding the data we offer to our sports betting and media partners.

Adam Działach, product manager at STATSCORE

Thanks to the recent announcement STATSCORE’s online media, betting, broadcasters and other sports-facing partners will benefit from broadened coverage that will include strategic details from soccer competitions. Such data will include goals, corners, assists, offsides, yellow cards, attacks, shots on/off target and many more. Without any doubt, stakeholders within the sports sector will see the benefits of STATSCORE’s expanded coverage for Latin American soccer competitions.

This move doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the soaring popularity of soccer in the region. Additionally, many Latin American countries are recognized around the globe for their passionate soccer fan bases that continue to grow with each year.

Recently, STATSCORE expanded once again its soccer coverage amid the growing popularity of Saudi Soccer. Early last month, the company confirmed that it expanded its betting data with the addition of different Asian leagues. This once again reaffirmed STATSCORE’s leadership role in delivering reliable sports data for stakeholders within the sector.


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