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Stats Perform Taps Nick Cockerill as VP of Sports Betting Products

Nick Cockerill, the former head of operational technology for Sky Betting and Gaming, has been appointed as the new vice president of sports betting products at Stats Perform. He’s been appointed as a key member to lead Stats Performs strategic development of the betting innovation unit.

An Essential Asset to Stats Perform

Nick Cockerill has been appointed as the new vice president of sports betting products for Stats Perform. Following his 7+ years as head of operational technology and head of product and design for Global Sportsbook, his extensive background of technology development and innovation has put him in the position to lead the sportsbook betting innovation unit’s strategic development.

Cockerill has a long list of achievements in different technology-related fields. While working as a senior product manager for Sky Betting & Gaming, he collaborated with some of the UK’s biggest banks and was responsible for creating and delivering a new debit card base “real-time credits” system. 

Nick created and led product and engineering teams of more than 1200 people responsible for delivering technology-led transformation. Prior to Sky Bet for The Stars Group Inc, where he worked on a strategic roadmap and prioritization ownership for a new greenfield global sports product and helped TSG launch their sportsbook in new regulated markets.

“After 7+ incredible years at Sky Betting and Gaming/Stars Group/Flutter, I can’t wait to start tomorrow at Stats Perform,” said Cockerill.

Cockerill has also expressed a lot of excitement to start working on developing AI and machine learning technology to deliver new and wonderful products and services to existing and future customers.

Stats Perform Fights for Fair Matches Using New Tool

Besides hiring Nick Cockerill to develop new technology, Stats Perform a new tool to help investigations of tempered matches. This new technology provides deeper insight into lawful matches. Dubbed an “Essential tool,” this technology has demonstrated more than one instance of fixed matches.

Opta data, as it called, has proven its usefulness on several occasions. In one instance, the tool identified a pattern where one of the teams had stopped attacking. In another, the tool revealed an altered formation within precise periods during a match. 

Federations and Leagues are in dire need of a way to professionally analyze performances and data in order to fight match manipulations, and now, with this tool, judges can accurately determine whether any match-fixing or manipulation has occurred. 

Jake Marsh, global head of integrity at Stats Perform, expressed his confidence in this new tool stating that “success is built on a unified combination of measures across prevention, detection, and investigation.” Alex Rice, chief rights officer for Stats Perform, said that this tool is the most accurate, trusted, and largest performance data in the industry.

In previous news, Stats Perform received International Betting Integrity Association’s (IBIA) Data Standards Accreditation – the first data provider to be granted one.


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