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Stats Perform Renewed IBIA’s Data Standards Accreditation

Sports data technology company Stats Perform announced today it became the first to renew its Data Standards accreditation with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA).

First to Receive, First to Renew

The independent audit process conducted by ECOGRA, an industry testing agency and a partner of IBIA since October 2020, affirmed Stats Perform’s integrity related to the collection and distribution of sports events data for betting purposes and made the company the first to renew its accreditation. Stats Perform was also the first sports data firm to receive this accreditation in early 2021.

“Stats Perform’s successful renewal of the Data Standards accreditation demonstrates the importance of the requirements, and the value betting data providers see in them. This is reflected in the outlook of the IBIA’s membership, which views the Data Standards protocols as an essential initiative and one which has a positive impact on the sports betting environment.”

Khalid Ali, CEO, IBIA

Commenting on the announcement, Stats Perform chief betting officer Andrew Ashenden stressed the company’s status as a “consistent advocate for the highest standards of integrity and quality in sports data,” while proudly looking at the accreditation as a “testament to the ongoing quality and integrity efforts” of Stat Perform’s sports data operation teams.

“Stats Perform’s Betting and Opta sports data is chosen by the world’s leading rights holders, sportsbooks, and pricing providers to power exceptional in-play betting experiences for millions of global sports bettors,” he concluded.

Committed to Protecting Sports Integrity

Considering the Data Standards accreditation as the highest mark of betting data and integrity in the industry, the renewal highlights Stats Perform’s ongoing commitment to help ensure the accuracy of betting markets globally and protect sports from corruption.

“In addition to raising standards around data supply, we are proud to be working closely with the IBIA and its members on complimentary projects in intelligence and risk assessment to deepen our commitment to the betting industry and the protection of sport.”

Jake Marsh, Global Head of Integrity, Stats Perform

Stats Perform, the longest standing Associate Member of IBIA, started providing its services, Intelligence Insights & Alerts, as well as a pre-match risk assessment program in soccer, to the international sports integrity watchdog, allowing IBIA to capitalize on the expertise utilized by the integrity division of the sports data company.

Over the last 12 months, the Data Standards accreditation helped Stats Perform affirm its position as a high-integrity and quality sports data supplier to set the business apart from its competitors in an already crowded marketplace and the accreditation badge will continue to serve as an independent assurance for its customers for a second consecutive year.

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