March 22, 2022 3 min read

Stats Perform Extended Its Agreement with the Chinese Super League

AI-powered sports data and analytics company Stats Perform has reiterated its commitment to the Chinese Super League by inking a multi-year extension to its data agreement with the federation.

Stats Perform Extends Its Agreement with the CSL

As per the deal, Stats Perform will continue working as the official event and tracking data provider for the highest-level soccer league in China. The sports data company will continue to power the CSL clubs with top data through the SportsVU solution.

The agreement will also see Stats Perform provide the solutions of Opta Sports, one of its subsidiaries. Thanks to that, tracking data will be implemented into CSL broadcasts and across the league’s digital outlets. This will also help the soccer competitions implement sponsored content to their broadcasts.

Opta’s data feeds include analytics and predictive data that can be included in all kinds of TV and digital broadcasts and social media content. The AI-powered solutions provide data before, during, and after soccer games. As a further addition to the deal, Stats Perform will use Opta’s critically-acclaimed Pressbox Graphics solution to produce visual graphics and animations that help viewers get a better grasp of the matches and enjoy the sport even more.

Lastly, Stats Perform will provide all CSL clubs with access to ProVision – a solution that leverages Opta data to evaluate teams, spot trends, and provide coaches with valuable feedback.

The Data Company Is Glad to Continue the Partnership

The Chinese Super League has been working with Stats Perform since 2016. With six years of partnership behind their back, the two are happy to continue working together.

Alex Rice, the chief rights officer of Stats Perform, spoke about the deal. He said that his company recognizes the importance of data to both fans and stakeholders and emphasized that robust data solutions have the potential to greatly enhance the sports experience. Rice elaborated:

 “Through the delivery of Opta data, fans of the Chinese Super League will benefit from insights derived from the industry’s leading and most reliable data source. I am also pleased that we will be able to support technical staff with visual in-game insights to help with player engagement and development.”

Stats Perform chief rights officer Alex Rice

Stats Perform has an extensive reach across the globe and is working with leagues and sportsbooks across numerous markets. A huge part of Stats Perform’s strength comes from its deals with influential partners. A few days ago, the data company inked an agreement with the global media platform Teads Studios, agreeing to provide it with its state-of-the-art sports data.

At the beginning of March, Stats Perform unveiled a new suite of solutions, created with sportsbooks in mind.


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