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Stakelogic Refreshes Slot Library UI ahead of the Release of a New Feature

Stakelogic is excited about the upcoming feature but did not disclose much

A month after the release of Candyways Bonanza 3 Megaways, Stakelogic has enhanced its slot catalog with a brand new user interface. The revamped UI precedes a new innovation scheduled to launch on November 9, 2023.

The casino content provider noted that its full library of more than 250 games will now sport the updated UI, improving player engagement and making their experiences more memorable and rewarding.

The launch of the intuitive new design is in line with Stakelogic’s philosophy of innovation and product enhancement. As announced by the company, the new UI “ensures seamless navigation and an immersive interface” that doesn’t distract the players and allows them to “delve deep” into the game they are playing.

The New UI Precedes the Release of an Innovative Feature

As mentioned, the UI enhancement comes a few months before the launch of an innovative new feature. Besides teasing it, Stakelogic hasn’t really disclosed a lot. However, the developer is convinced that the new feature will revolutionize the gaming industry as a whole.

Until then, players can enjoy an improved version of Stakelogic’s game UI that seamlessly adapts to a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and other portable devices.

According to the players, the changes will have a noticeable effect on the experience of mobile players as the interface now is much more convenient for handheld devices. According to Stakelogic, the revamped UI will appeal to both players on the move and those relaxing at home.

Stakelogic concluded that the updated UI has reimagined some of the company’s flagship features, such as Super Stake and Buy Bonus. The Stakelogic mainstays now have a fresh look and offer a seamless experience that allows players to enjoy them in new ways, the company promised.

Stakelogic Is Excited to Innovate

Stakelogic’s chief executive officer, Stephan van den Oetelaar, commented on the matter. He said that the updated UI will help his company “set a new standard for interactive and captivating gaming experiences.” He said that the update reflects his company’s dedication to delivering innovation and excellence to Stakelogic’s players and partners.

Van den Oetelaar added that his team is really excited about the feature Stakelogic is currently developing:

We cannot wait to show you what we have in store for November. It’s a feature we’ve been working hard to ensure that it will resonate with our clients and players alike! It’s sure to shake up the industry!

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO, Stakelogic

In other news, Stakelogic recently signed new deals with Starcasino, Coolbet and Golden Palace.


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