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SSI Becomes a Member of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association

PDQ POS, which is SSI’s most sought-after product, will empower tribal gaming companies in Oklahoma

Signature Systems (SSI), an award-winning provider of point-of-sale solutions to the casino industry, has joined the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA). Under its membership, the latter company will continue to supply the state’s tribal gaming sector with its PDQ POS product.

PDQ POS, which is SSI’s most sought-after product, will empower tribal gaming companies in Oklahoma, helping them reach their hospitality targets. The partnership between SSI and OIGA is in line with the latter association’s ambition to improve the business environment for tribal operators and their customers.

PDQ POS, which was introduced shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic, is already live in approximately a tenth of the state’s tribal casinos. SSI will furthermore roll out its premier solution across more casinos by the end of the year, bolstering operators’ business.

SSI Will Exhibit at the Upcoming Trade Show

In addition, SSI is planning to exhibit at the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Trade Show in August. Sheila Morago, trade show coordinator for the OIGA, commented on the matter, saying that her team is set on creating “the best possible environment” for tribal operators and their clients.

Morago welcomed SSI as a member of the OIGA, expressing her high expectations about the company.

We’re pleased to welcome SSI into the big tent that is OIGA and anticipate that they will be a meaningful member for many years to come.

Sheila Morago, trade show coordinator, OIGA

Signature Systems’ executive vice president and chief technology officer, John White, also commented on the matter, calling the OIGA membership “another signal to Oklahoma’s gaming leaders that SSI is here to stay.”

White said that SSI’s deep care about its customers and its desire to support the business communities it’s engaging with is something that the company has come to be associated with.

There are other vendors who don’t feel it’s necessary to join the organization behind the tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue that casinos in this state provide – but we do.

John White, EVP & CTO, Signature Systems

Speaking of Oklahoma, the state’s tribe sector recently experienced some distress as a wildfire threatened two casinos, namely the Native Lights Casino and the 7 Clans First Council Casino Hotel.

Adding to the local industry’s woes, a Remington Park Casino gambler armed with a snake recently tried to rob a casino visitor.


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