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Spotlight Sports Publishes New Report on iGaming Suppliers

Spotlight Sports Group published the first edition BetTech Ecosystem, a report that examines the major suppliers to the iGaming and sports betting industry. The report is designed to be a visual showcase of six segments and the major business owners in each.

BetTech Ecosystem Comes to Life

BetTech Ecosystem 2121 will include six segments, including platform providers as well as data, content and iGaming. The research summarizes the key players within each of the six categories. It also highlights the substantial M&A that occurred in recent years.

Spotlight Sports Group Head B2B Marketing Alan Davis discussed the first edition. He stated, “What we’ve created is a state-of-play overview of the major suppliers in Q4 2021 as a visual and report, allowing industry professionals a chance to view the sector from a number of different perspectives.”

He added, “What is most interesting from the research is how the major players have been growing the number of segments they’re in through innovation or acquisition. It’s striking when you view how some businesses feature multiple times and that is sure to grow.”

According to Spotlight, the research was compiled from industry reports, in-house desktop research and industry knowledge and involved multiple researchers and external independent sources. A version for 2022 is already in the works.

Spotlight Continues to Shape iGaming

While there has been no shortage of interest on the part of gaming operators to join the iGaming space, not as much attention has been placed on the information that drives the activity. This is where Spotlight shines. It recently launched a sports betting content engine superfeed that can be integrated by operators as either an API or a widget and which provides insights from impartial sports betting experts. That solution was chosen by Better Collective in June.

Spotlight also has sports tipping insight content, which has been around for about a year. It offers enhanced insight into how odds may play out ahead of a game, as well as suggestions on which way to bet.

Explains Davis, “The pace of change within the industry has presented significant challenges while compiling the visual, in what we believe to be the first of its kind for the iGaming industry.”

The report can be accessed through Spotlight’s website.


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