October 4, 2022 3 min read


Spotlight Announces Strategic Deal With Sportskeeda

The leading technology, content and media company offering sports betting and fantasy sports solutions, Spotlight Sports Group (SSG), announced a new collaboration with Absolute Sports PVT Limited brand Sportskeeda

SSG to Offer Software and Tools for Sportskeeda via New Deal

Sportskeeda features a sports content platform that caters every month to 100 million sports fans around the world. Now, under the terms of the new US-focused deal, SSG will provide the brand with software, tools, as well as needed expertise to further bolster the presence of Sportskeeda’s betting solution within the sports industry. Besides boosting the presence of the brand, the strategic collaboration seeks to enhance player engagement. This is expected to also boost the traffic of the platform while it will continue to offer supreme esports and sports content for its customers around the globe.

According to a statement released by SSG, the company’s affiliate services will play a “pivotal role in the process of elevating Sportskeeda’s devoted fan base to become better bettors.” Currently, Sportskeeda’s customers already benefit from a personalized experience that will be further boosted by unique sportsbook promotions. Those innovative promos will be distributed depending on the location of the sports bettors.

The US-focused agreement will see Spotlight Sports Group provide the tools, software and affiliate expertise to ensure a market-leading, total sports betting solution for Sportskeeda’s dedicated and avid sports audience,

reads a statement released by Spotlight Sports Group

The Deal Will Help Sportskeeda Better Connect with Its US Audience

Mayank Kumar, Sportskeeda’s director of content and business, commented that the new collaboration with SSG will help the company connect even better with its US-facing audience. At the same time, he explained that the deal will allow the sports bettors to better organize the content which will further boost fan engagement.

The partnership with Spotlight Sports Group enables us to engage with our millions of users in the United States in innovative ways by empowering them to consume and organize content differently, all while offering savvy and cognizant alternatives to immerse themselves in the multibillion-dollar betting industry.

Mayank Kumar, director of content and business at Sportskeeda

Kumar added that improving and updating its product is an ongoing priority for Sportskeeda. Last but not least, he predicted that the new collaboration will bring benefits to SSG, Sportskeeda and its growing fan base.

We are excited to partner with Sportskeeda who are forward thinking and ambitious in what they are building.

Sam Houlding CMO at Spotlight Sports Group

Sam Houlding, SSG’s CMO, added that the company is proud to join forces with Sportskeeda. He explained that Spotlight will collaborate closely with the leading platform’s team. Last but not least, Houlding said that the new partnership brings excitement for SSG and predicted that its products and solutions will optimize Sportskeeda’s platform and will be well-received by sports bettors around the US.


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