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Sporttrade Launches a Revolutionary Sports Betting Platform

Sporttrade, a sports wagering company from Philadelphia, has launched its platform, introducing a revolutionary way to place bets which could change the industry altogether.

Sporttrade on a Mission to Change the Sports Betting World

Sporttrade, a sports betting platform established in 2019 and based in Philadelphia, has announced its launch of, utilizing the latest technological solutions for exchange in sports betting, aiming to democratize the industry. The company’s new platform would allow customers to trade sporting events, like stock, and improve their experience, building a fair and efficient betting environment.

Last year Sporttrade partnered up with Twin River, launching sports betting in New Jersey. The two companies signed off a multi-year contract. At that time, Sporttrade was a sports betting startup company. Under the deal, Sporttrade launched sports betting in the state following Twin River’s regulatory approvals on the acquisition of Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino.

The Team Combines Capital Market and Betting Knowledge

Sporttrade’s goal is to offer the first regulated sports wagering exchange on the US market. Led by a team of professionals who have both capital market and sports wagering backgrounds, Sporttrade will turn betting into a stock exchange. Combining their two specialties, the team of professionals wants to offer Sporttrade customers a unique revolutionary sports betting experience that could change the betting industry.

Sporttrade Founder and CEO Alex Kane said that the company’s mission is “to elevate the sports betting industry.” Sporttrade will provide an all-inclusive platform to its customers.

Kane stated that the customers know the benefits of innovation in equity trading. Sporttrade is designed to bring those benefits to sports wagering. At the same time, the platform will increase efficiency and transparency, and it will provide better pricing.

Sporttrade Will Offer a Fair and Transparent Environment

As a sports betting exchange platform, Sporttrade will ensure a stable and open betting marketplace. The platform will make betting a much safer experience by offering a fairer and more transparent environment to bettors. Ultimately, this means a superior sports betting experience for every customer.

The website is designed by Armor, another Philadelphia-based company. The platform will provide a fair, open betting marketplace, which will give the customers the ultimate sports wagering experience. Users will receive notifications and access features like “in-play trading” and “always-on” to trade bets.


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