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Sporttrade Expands in the US, Launches in Colorado

Sporttrade stands out from its competitors thanks to its reliable odds, impressive liquidity and cutting-edge in-play experience

Sporttrade, a Philadelphia-based sports betting operator, has forayed into Colorado, its second state. Players in the Centennial State can now try out the company’s exceptional and differentiated sports betting products.

Marketed as a fairer operator than its competitors, Sporttrade continues to demonstrate impressive growth. The launch in Colorado, a state known for its passionate bettors, will provide the company with new opportunities to expand. For reference, Coloradans have wagered a whopping $12 billion on sports since 2020.

In addition to its fair approach, Sporttrade is further differentiated thanks to its reliable odds, impressive liquidity and cutting-edge in-play experience.

In 2022, Sporttrade was also the first US operator to pair extremely high uptime and zero delays for in-play markets, further underpinning its vision to bring excellent gaming experiences to fans.

Sporttrade Seeks to Replicate Its New Jersey Success

Alex Kane, Sporttrade’s founder and chief executive officer, commented on the launch, saying that his team is “privileged” to introduce the brand to yet another state.

Our launch today proves that Sporttrade can operate in any jurisdiction, with the same great features our customers have come to know us for; instant in-play betting, great prices, awesome liquidity, and the ability to always trade in and out of bets at fair value.

Alex Kane, founder & CEO, Sporttrade

Kane thanked the Colorado Division of Gaming, which cleared his company for launch. He also thanked his reliable and hard-working team and all the customers who continue to play with Sporttrade.

Roger Brown, a representative of GF Gaming, Spottrade’s strategic partner, also commented on the matter. He lauded Spottrade’s achievements and successful launch in New Jersey and said that he is optimistic about extending the partnership to Colorado.

Providing a better odds experience for the player is what GF Gaming has always been about, and Sporttrade brings that same priority to the sports betting market in Colorado.

Roger Brown, general manager, GF Gaming & Easy Street Casino

Last year, Sporttrade became one of the members of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), a global industry body seeking to protect the sports and sports betting sectors from fraud and manipulation. The move further highlighted Sporttrade’s commitment to integrity and fair play.


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