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Sports Betting in Ohio Gets One Step Closer Towards Legalizing

Two bills aim to facilitate sports betting in Ohio. Republican Dave Greenspan has sponsored House Bill 194 and now believes that a deal can be struck for the good of the state and its sports betting future.

Ohio’s Senate and House Bill Aim to Legalize Sports Betting in the State

The legalization of sports betting in Ohio has moved a step further. Although the process has taken over a year so far, there are already bills on both the House and Senate floors, with House Bill 194 and S 111 respectively now outlining a sports betting future for Ohio.

The bills are sponsored by Rep. Dave Greenspan and Sen. John Eklund respectively and, both men now believe that, despite differences in opinion on how the legalization process should continue, a deal can be struck. The two bills trying to legalize the betting in the state have minor differences.

According to the HB 194, which was passed in May, the Ohio Lottery Commission should regulate sports betting in the state. Furthermore, the bill offers a 10% tax on gross betting revenue and to use those funds for education. A small part of that amount will also go to gambling awareness and prevention. As per HB 194, the four Ohio state casinos and seven racinos (horse racing tracks) will offer sports betting. In addition, punters will be able to place bets online by mobile apps or at gaming booths located in places that hold full liquor license.

On the other hand, we have another attempt to legalize sports betting with S 111. According to the bill, sports betting in the state should be regulated by the Casino Control Commission. Sports betting will be available in the four state’s casinos and racinos. In addition, online and mobile betting will be possible. Taxes according to the Senate bill will be 6.25%, but the bill doesn’t clarify where the funds will go. Keeping in mind the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country, S 111 has seen some delays and was last heard in November.

Republican Dave Greenspan – Optimistic That a Deal Can Be Made

According to Dave Greenspan, taxes for the first year, once the bill is accepted and sports betting operations are established, will raise some $15 million. Going forward, the Westlake Republican predicts that some $50 million per annum can be raised once the sports betting in Ohio develops more. With that being said, it’s important to mention that the state’s budget for 2020 and 2021 is a total of $69 million.

Although there is Republican majorities in both chambers, not everyone has offered support for HB 194. The Senate version of the bill was actually supported by the Republican Governor Mike DeWine. It is expected that the primary supporters of each bill will eventually gather and agree on how and which bill will go forward.

Commenting on the subject, Greenspan said: “Absolutely, we’ll be able to come to a resolution on this.” He continued by saying: “We just haven’t had an opportunity to have a robust discussion with the Senate yet. We’ve got to get this done and up and operating.” Greenspan hopes that the saga will end just in time for March Madness“, which is a major tournament starting from Dayton, Ohio.


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