November 18, 2022 2 min read


“Sportradar Virtual Stadium” Arrives on Time for World Cup 2022

Sportradar has revealed a new feature by the name of “Sportradar Virtual Stadium,” which is a social engagement solution that will help sportsbook operators to better connect and understand their consumers and the user experience they share. The solution is particularly focused on the upcoming World Cup event in Qatar.

Sportradar Virtual Stadiums Amplifies the Joy of the World Cup

Thanks to Sportradar Virtual Stadium, bettors will have the opportunity to socialize with others, enjoy live sports experiences, and join the conversation around the biggest soccer event in the world. This will help sportsbooks garner a much deeper understanding of the behavior of their users and what motivates people to bet on sports and soccer in the first place. Sportradar managing director of betting, and entertainment tools Blaz Zitnik said:

Built upon our more than 20 years of experience in the data space and an unrivalled tech stack, the Sportradar Virtual Stadium solution is helping operators maximize the full commercial potential of this winter’s global soccer tournament.

Sportradar managing director of betting, and entertainment tools Blaz Zitnik

Sportradar Virtual Stadium is already expected to elevate the fan experience as it offers a unique way to engage. For example, the product comes with game-specific chat rooms and upcoming live matches, free-to-play betting games, fan polls asking for opinions on different topics, and cheer meters to sort of gauge how fans perceive a particular match or game, or occurrence within the game.

The Sportradar Virtual Stadium is going to be hosted on the front page of sportsbooks and it is designed with the idea of further personalizing the betting experience. Helping operators add social components to their offer is precisely what they need to move their portfolio forward, and also achieve a much better understanding of what their consumers and sports fans expect, get excited about, and need to see.

Thanks to Sportradar’s innovative engagement tools and the deep insight offered by the company, partner sportsbooks that leverage this solution can build lasting experiences for their consumers and inspire loyalty.


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