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Sportradar to Enhance NY Jets & Baltimore Ravens Sponsor Strategies

Two new strategic partnerships with franchises from the National Football League (NFL) were announced today by the global provider of sports data and sports entertainment products and services Sportradar.

“Sportradar is thrilled to be working with the Jets and the Ravens on this strategic initiative in the ever-evolving US market.”

Mike Smith, Head of Advertising, US, Sportradar

Maximize Sponsor Performance

Sportradar agreed to partner with the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens to help the NFL franchises maximize their sponsor performance and create new business opportunities for their sponsor partners in the expanding field of sports betting.

“Legalized sports betting presents new and unique opportunities for teams, as well as betting operators, and the Jets and Ravens are taking a step in raising the value of their brands for their respective betting sponsors.”

Mike Smith, Head of Advertising, US, Sportradar

The new agreements represent the first partnerships between professional sports teams in the US and a sports technology company, tasked with the responsibility to address the teams’ marketing needs in an innovative way.

“Our end-to-end platform provides each team a number of levers they can pull to ensure they’re delivering a personalized experience based on their distinct fanbases, while maximizing their marketing investment.”

Mike Smith, Head of Advertising, US, Sportradar

Sportradar will help both teams become more attractive for sports betting partners by enhancing their sponsorship and affiliate marketing strategy, utilizing its full service data-based marketing solution ad:s.

Data-Driven Content

Sportradar’s technology will be deployed to create data-driven content for advertising campaigns, providing the two NFL franchises with opportunities to offer their fans a personalized experience and achieve a deeper level of engagement.

“This innovative relationship with Sportradar will allow the New York Jets to optimize the overall performance of our legal sports betting partners, both inside and outside of our ecosystem.”

Jeff Fernandez, Vice President, Business Development + Ventures, New York Jets

The innovative approach is also expected to result in a higher level of effectiveness of customer acquisition campaigns and sponsorship activation efficiencies, and for Jeff Fernandez, the ability to address all areas of customer management within a rapidly growing space is of utmost importance to sports betting operators. He further added that the proprietary technology and expertise Sportradar offers will prove to be of great value to sponsors of the Jets.

Kevin Rochlitz, chief sales officer for the Ravens, noted the importance of visibility in the world of sports betting and digital gaming, and the industry-leading role of Sportradar, underscoring that it is an honor for the Ravens to be among its first partners.

“Through its unmatched sports data intelligence, Sportradar provides an efficient and robust outlet for our partners to better engage with and cater to fans in this rapidly evolving industry.”

Kevin Rochlitz, Chief Sales Officer, Baltimore Ravens

Both agreements highlight the unique position Sportradar has to help businesses maximize opportunities arising from legalized sports betting by leveraging its field expertise and strong relationships in the sports betting space.

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