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Sportradar Mulls over Two Potential Board Additions

Rajani Ramanathan and William Kurtz will stand for election as independent members of Sportradar’s board of directors

Sportradar, the world’s leading sports technology company, may expand its team with two new additions. According to the company, the experienced Rajani Ramanathan and William Kurtz are eligible to join its board of directors. The final decision will be announced in a month.

The Nominees Have Many Relevant Experiences

Both nominees have years of experience working in a corporate environment and have occupied various important positions in their former companies. Ramanathan, for example, is an incumbent advisor and director at several tech companies. The firms she serves are all tech-oriented and are focused on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and/or blockchain solutions.

Ramanathan is on the board of ESI Group, a French public company that provides virtual prototyping software features and services. Previously, she served as the chair of the company’s technology and marketing committee. Since 2022, Ramanathan has been serving as the chair of ESI’s compensation committee, as well as its nomination and governance committee.

Last but not least, the experienced woman is also an active member of the boards of Guidewire Software, Faro Technologies and Hayden AI.

Kurtz, on the other side, boasts more than three decades of financial and operating positions at various technology and software companies. Just like Ramanathan, he is currently acting as a director for several company boards. These include the boards of Aterian where he is also a member of several committees and Ripcord where he serves as a member of the audit committee.

Kurtz has a wealth of experience and has previously worked in executive roles for a number of notable companies.

Robel Will Exit the Board

The candidates will stand for election as independent members of Sportradar’s board during the annual shareholder meeting on May 16. Meanwhile, Charles Robel, one of the incumbent directors and the chair of the audit committee, will be leaving the board and will not stand for re-election.

Jeffrey Yabuki, Sportradar’s board chairman, commented on Robel’s departure. He thanked him for his “outstanding service” and praised his “meaningful and significant” contributions. Yabuki concluded that he is sure Robel will remain a friend and supporter of Sportradar.

As for Ramanathan and Kurtz, Yabuki said that he is excited that they will be standing for election tp the company board. Yabuki noted that both of them have highly relevant experiences and would deliver valuable perspective to Sportradar as it continues its rapid growth trajectory.

Yabuki hopes to get a chance to work alongside the two nominees.


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