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Sportradar Integrity Services Teams up with World Aquatics

Under the new two-year agreement, Sportradar will help monitor and safeguard the integrity of more than 450 World Aquatics water polo matches

The globally recognized supplier of sports integrity solutions, Sportradar, announced that its unit, Sportradar Integrity Services, forged a new deal with the global home of aquatic sports, World Aquatics. Details of the new collaboration emerged Tuesday. Thanks to the new two-year agreement, Sportradar will help monitor international water polo matches.

The collaboration is expected to cover more than 450 matches that will include Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Tournaments within the World Aquatics Championships. Additionally, Sportradar will help safeguard the integrity of the Men’s and Women’s U20 Championships, as well as the Men’s and Women’s Water Polo World Cups.

The aforementioned competitions will be monitored by Sportradar’s AI-driven monitoring system called Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS). The solution has proven its efficacy and over the last two decades has helped identify more than 8,000 suspicious matches within different sports around the globe.

The Deal Will Help Safeguard the Integrity of Water Polo

Currently, Sportradar provides its services to more than 180 different sports organizations, as well as state authorities around the globe. The latest deal further expands the company’s list of partners and helps safeguard more competitions from match-fixing and other tampering attempts.

The new two-year partnership with World Aquatics comes on the heels of another important collaboration announced recently by Sportradar. Last week, the company confirmed it teamed up with the Delhi Capitals, an Indian Premier League franchise. Per the terms of that deal, Sportradar was designated as the official technology partner of the Delhi Capitals Academy.

Aquatic sports are not immune to such integrity threats, and we are committed to providing the strongest integrity provisions using our technology to protect World Aquatics water polo competitions over the next two years.

Andreas Krannich, EVP of integrity services at Sportradar

Andreas Krannich, Sportradar’s EVP of integrity services, explained that recently, match-fixing attempts have impacted different sports around the world. At the same time, he acknowledged that the integrity of competitions within different levels, including youth events, has been at risk due to match-fixing. Krannich said that aquatic sports can also be subject to such threats, which is why the company is delighted to help boost the integrity and help protect World Aquatic water polo tournaments and competitions.

The depth of knowledge that Sportradar Integrity Services provides through its UFDS platform and expert team puts us in a great position to mitigate any betting-related issues that may arise across our competitions.

Brent J. Nowicki, executive director at World Aquatics

World Aquatics’ executive director, Brent J. Nowicki, added that the organization remains committed to ensuring the integrity of its competitions ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. He acknowledged the scalability, extent and efficiency of Spotradar’s UFDS platform. Finally, Nowicki said that the collaboration puts World Aquatics in a good position to fight off integrity threats.


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