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Sportradar Integrity Services Extends CFB Deal by Three Years

Sportradar Integrity Services (SIS), a global supplier of sport integrity solutions, has extended its partnership deal with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CFB). The renewed agreement will see the former company provide the confederation with its solutions for three more years.

SIS Will Watch Out for Fraud During CFB Events

As per the deal, SIS will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of over 3000 Brazilian soccer games each year. The agreement covers games from 27 national competitions, including the Brasileiro U20 as well as Campeonato Brasileiro. To make sure that all those events are clean of match-fixing and other threats, SIS will watch out for irregularities using its Universal Fraud Detection System.

The company will also reassume its careful monitoring of the Série C and Série D leagues, making sure that even the third and fourth-tier soccer events are free of fraud. It is estimated that most of the match-fixing in soccer (40%) comes from third-tier leagues and below, with 500 suspicious matches recorded in 2021 alone.

Each season SIS will host three educational online workshops that provide professional athletes, coaches, casters, referees, and other staff with a deeper understanding of how to detect fraud and act against it.

The Two Partners Seek to End Match-Fixing

Ednaldo Rodrigues, the acting president of the Brazilian Football Confederation welcomed the partnership extension, saying that Sportradar Integrity Services has been a valued partner of Brazilian soccer. He noted that SIS’ UFDS bet monitoring has been providing vital insights into the betting activity of the commission’s competitors. In Rodrigues’ words, extending the deal with SIS means to protect Brazilian football from fraud.

Rodrigues concluded that he is looking forward to SIS’s integrity workshops which will educate the confederation staff on the intricacies of noticing when a match is being fixed and how to intercept it.  

Andreas Krannich, the managing director of Sportradar Integrity Services, noted that cracking down on fraud is a constant battle and isn’t something that should be taken lightly. He noted that the match-fixers are constantly evolving and developing new tactics which are why vigilance is needed.

Krannich is happy that the CFB realizes the need to act against such malpractices and said that he is thrilled to continue supporting the history-rich Brazilian soccer scene.

Sportradar Integrity Services is Sportradar’s sports integrity brand. Thanks to its critically-acclaimed solutions, SIS has been the partner of choice of numerous soccer organizations, such as FIFA, UEFA, CONMEBOL, and the Asian Football Confederation. SIS’s activities aren’t limited to soccer only. In January, the provider inked a deal with the Canadian Hockey League.


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