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Sportradar Adds Audio and DOOH Advertising to Its Offering

Sportradar decided to add audio and DOOH channels, noting that audio consumption and DOOH spending have dramatically increased over the past few years

Sportradar has enhanced its ad:s programmatic advertising solution with audio channels and has expanded its reach across digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising screens. Thanks to that, its partnering sports betting operators will be able to connect with customers via relevant ads across two of the fastest-growing media channels.

By adding audio channels to ad:s, Sportradar effectively allows its clients to tap into a wholly new channel to reach millions of fans. By exploring the opportunities offered by audio channels, operators will get to connect with fans who listen to the radio, podcasts and streaming services.

Additionally, Sportradar now offers access to over 600,000+ digital outdoor screens in over a hundred countries, further increasing its clients’ potential to reach new audiences.

Both new channels leverage Sportradar’s cutting-edge betting marketing tech to provide fans with relevant ads they care about. The sports company’s solutions help its clients reach clients in markets where betting is legal in real-time, ensuring meaningful interactions.

Sportradar Helps Sportsbooks Form Bonds with Customers

Thanks to artificial intelligence and robust algorithms, Sportradar will be able to make sure that audio ads are personalized and delivered to just the right customers. Its machine learning model ensures that fans get content based on their location playlists and preferences.

Sportradar also boasts an integrated sports calendar that makes sure that adverts are coordinated with the hottest events in the sporting sector.

In the meantime, the AI-driven marketing tech also helps adverts reach optimal DOOH screens in locations that are frequently visited by people who are passionate about sports. The machine learning solution is designed to prioritize locations such as stadiums, entertainment districts and busy roads.

Niki Beier, Sportradar’s senior vice president of marketing services, commented on the new additions to Sportradar’s roster of offerings. According to Beier, they align with Sportradar’s ambition to provide sportsbooks with a diverse selection of ways to connect with their target audiences.

To that end, Sportradar decided to add audio and DOOH channels, noting that audio consumption and DOOH spending have dramatically increased over the past few years.

Both are ideal channels for operators to make their brands more memorable and will further increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Niki Beier, SVP of marketing services, Sportradar

Two weeks ago, Sportradar published its Q1 results, recording a 28% rise in revenue. Adjusted EBITDA, meanwhile, was up 29% year-on-year. According to CEO Carsten Koerl, the company is off to a great start to the year.


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