May 10, 2022 3 min read


Speed Media Jumps at CoinPoint Group’s Crypto Platforms

Online gaming digital marketing company Speed Media has jumped into the crypto wagon by acquiring CoinPoint Group’s cryptocurrency network. The company that is currently under JKR Investment Group’s ownership decided to purchase the top-tier premium blockchain network that features, Coin Point’s flagship platform, along with and blockchain-based platform

The Acquisition Will Boost CoinPoint Group’s Growth

Speed Media’s decision to invest in CoinPoint Group’s spectacular network of websites is expected to help boost its expansion, given the marketing company’s rich expertise in engaging and retaining clients and developing premier affiliate marketing strategies.

Speed Media’s chief executive officer Nikola Teofilovic expressed the company’s excitement regarding the purchase. He considers the decision should enhance their ecosystem and enable them to take the constantly expanding cryptocurrency affiliate sector part of the iGaming world by storm.

CoinPoint’s websites will provide Speed Media with the foundation it needs to start growing organically, helping it ultimately turn into a leader in the market. Teofilovic also explained his company’s intention to grow using mergers and acquisitions, emphasizing the fact that CoinPoint’s powerful network is just one of the freshest milestones in their expansion plans for the current year.

With its new focus on fresh NFT, metaverse, and decentralized gaming verticals part of the Web3 sector, CoinPoint will likely bring many positive changes for Speed Media.

What Sets CoinPoint Group’s Network Apart?

Established nine years ago, the digital marketing company that focuses on the international blockchain and crypto world has successfully unchaining many companies’ block potential. In time, the company managed to set up a rich network of online platforms part of the online gaming world, including aimed at gamblers who prefer the crypto alternative for payments, for slots aficionados online, and crypto- and blockchain-focused platform for new and seasoned fans of digital currencies.

The agency is a big supporter of valuable content, as well as a promoter of privacy and security. It provides state-of-the-art solutions to reputable clients part of a number of different sectors such as trading, wallets, exchanges, and the iGaming industry.

Ranging from blockchain consultation, full brand development solutions, reputation management, business development, sales strategies, design, creative content, influencer marketing, blog, video, or email marketing, CointPoint’s services cater to the needs of an impressive list of clients. The list includes corporations, brands, and events, including the dedicated CointPoint VIP Party at the Ice with guests from the blockchain and iGaming world.

CointPoint’s cryptocurrency and blockchain affiliation allow it to strategically set up a powerful network of affiliates part of the Bitcoin casino world. Their network guarantees high traffic, growing sales, and top Google rankings.

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