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Specialists to Discuss Asian Gambling at G2E Singapore

Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia 2022 Special Edition: Singapore, one of the biggest casino industry trade fairs, is just around the corner. The event will open on August 24 and will run until August 26.  Because of this, the organizers revealed more details about what participants and visitors can expect.

G2E is organized by the American Gaming Association and Reed Exhibitions. As the event’s name suggests G2E Asia will take place in Singapore. The chosen location is Marina Bay Sands, a local casino resort.

Experts to Discuss Gambling in Asia

The first day of the event will see Asian gambling industry specialists discuss the future of gaming in the region. Notably, executives from various companies in Asia will comment on the latest developments in the sector and will share their projections for the future.

MGM Resorts Japan’s president and CEO, Ed Bowers, will be one of the first to talk about gambling in Asia. He will be responsible for opening the topic on the first day of G2E. As someone who also works as president of global development at MGM Resorts Japan’s parent company, MGM Resorts International, Bowers has a deep understanding of where the sector’s direction.

Praveen Choudhary, managing director of the Asian arm of Morgan Stanley, a multinational investment firm, will provide further insights. In the afternoon part, Choudhary will speak about the Asian jurisdictions and how each of them fares financially.

Seasoned Veterans Will Speak about Tech and Investments

Meanwhile, Fredric E. Gushin, managing director of Spectrum Gaming Group, a gambling industry consultancy, will moderate two afternoon sessions. The first one will speak about the prospects of the numerous Asian markets. Gushlin will also speak about new gambling tech and how it should be regulated.  Daniel Cheng, an ex-Hard Rock exec and Paul Bromberg from Spectrum Gaming Group will appear as panelists.

The next session will be about the expansion of integrated resorts. Daesik Han, CEO of Hann Philippines, Chen Si, COO of Inspire Entertainment Resort in South Korea and Walt Power, CEO of The Grand Ho Tram Resort and Casino will appear as panelists.

The second day of G2E will see investment Bloomberg Intelligence’s Angela Hanlee talk about the region’s investment potential. Furthermore, Michael Zhu from The Innovation Group, a gambling industry consultancy, Angel Sueiro, COO of PH Resorts Group Holding and Andrew Lee, VP of resort operations at Inspire Entertainment Resort, will talk about the aftermath of COVID and diversification in the sector.

Other notable topics that experts will touch on during G2E are AI tech and esports.


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