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Spanish GGR Increased by 31% In the Third Quarter of 2022

DGOJ reported the results of the Spanish gambling sector for Q3 of 2022 with GGR reaching €240.83 million

The Spanish General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) published on its website a report at the end of last year, according to which the Spanish gambling sector registered a gross gaming revenue (GGR) of €240.83 million.

The data reveal an improvement in the Spanish gambling sector, given that the GGR was less than 2.5% of turnover in the previous four consecutive quarters. The said GGR for the third three-month period in 2022 represents an increase of 18.1% compared to the previous trimester and 31.3% when compared to the period between July, August, and September 2021.

Ups and Downs in Spain’s GGR Performance

As for the other figures, player deposits and withdrawals increased by 26.72% and 24.85%, respectively, year over year. When compared to the previous quarter, deposits increased by 4.6%, while withdrawals decreased by 8.7%. The marketing expenses increased by 7.79% in comparison to the previous trimester, and the new accounts decreased by 4.01% when compared to the previous quarter.

The GGR amounting to €240.83 million ($253.7 million) was split between the following game segments: €89.04 million ($94.29 million) in bets, €3.68 million ($3.89 million) in bingo, €127.95 million ($135.5 million) in casino (53.13%), €0.03 million ($0.03 million) in contests (0.01%) and €20.14 million ($21.33 million) in poker.

GGR of All Gaming Sectors

The data published by DGOJ reports that the betting sector increased by 46.20% quarter over quarter and 48.61% year over year. The bingo segment rose 9.63% trimester over trimester and 4.64% when compared to the previous year.

As for the casino sector, it experienced an increase of 9.22% when compared to the previous quarter and 27.55% in comparison to Q3 of 2021. Slots rose 27.89% and life roulette increased 37.79% year over year. There was a rise in the contests segment of 215.95% compared to Q2 of 2022, but a decrease of 72.10% year over year. The poker segment represents a decrease of 10.64% quarter over quarter, but an increase of 2.83% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Marketing expenditure amounted to €96.31 million ($101.99 million) in Q3 of 2022 and is split as follows: €10.34 million ($10.95 million) on affiliation expenses, €1.78 million ($1.88 million) on sponsorships, €41.47 million ($43.91 million) on promotions, and €42.73 million ($45.25 million) on advertising.

The monthly average of active gaming accounts is 999,322, which is 0.07% less than the active gaming accounts in the previous quarter, and 9.18% more in comparison to the same three-month period in 2021. The monthly average of the new game accounts stands at 109,312, which is a decrease of 4.01% trimester over trimester and a decrease of 19.93% when compared to the Q3 of 2021.

For Q3 of 2022, the number of licensed gaming operators is 78.


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