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Spain Continues to Work on a Cross-Operator Deposit Limit System

The country boasts some of Europe’s strictest regulations and continues to implement updated player protection measures

Despite the expected significant obstacles, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) believes cross-operator deposit limits are vital for a safer market. The regulator’s decision to press on comes in response to growing concerns about the potential harms of excessive gambling. With potential market imbalances threatening players, the DGOJ continues its mission to promote responsible gambling practices.

Rising Challenges Necessitate a More Comprehensive Approach

One of the key objectives of the DGOJ’s recent decision to press on with a cross-operator deposit limit system is to promote responsible gambling practices among online operators. By imposing deposit limits relevant across different platforms, players will be encouraged to spend responsibly and effectively manage their gambling activities. 

Such a measure will introduce a valuable tool for self-control, enabling players to maintain a healthy balance between enjoyment and responsible gambling. DGOJ director general Mikel Arana noted that more than half of multi-operator players who had exceeded the current limits were among the biggest losers.

There is an undeniable relationship between surpassing the limit, doing so in more than one operator… and showing symptoms of a potential gambling problem.

Mikel Arana, DGOJ director general

The regulator’s data suggests a significant disbalance in the Spanish market. Statistics indicate that 1% of active online players contributed more than 40% of GGR. Furthermore, operator revenues between 2017 and 2022 skyrocketed by 75% despite a modest 200,000 increase in active players. A few individuals accounting for most gambling losses raise significant concerns, necessitating the DGOJ’s continued efforts.

The Planned System Faces Significant Challenges

Implementing cross-operator limits will complement the Spanish regulator’s forthcoming reforms. The new Royal Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments marks another milestone development for the country’s gaming market, introducing over 30 changes to existing regulations. These new rules seek to protect Spain’s youth and introduce a personalized approach for at-risk gamblers and new monitoring requirements.

Thanks to effective enforcement, gambling companies in the country will do their best to abide by the new rules. However, introducing a unified system spanning all operators will be no easy feat, posing budgetary, regulatory, and technical challenges. While not an all-encompassing solution, cross-operator limits will complement existing measures and serve as a lynchpin for player protection.

We see the cross-operator deposit limit system as an additional tool. It is intended… to complement (existing) operator limits and, of course, be voluntary for the player.

Mikel Arana, DGOJ director general

Collaboration between regulatory bodies and online operators, technological advancements, and public support will be crucial in successfully implementing the planned measures. As Spain maintains its focus on player protection, introducing cross-operator deposit limits will set a positive precedent for responsible gambling regulation worldwide.

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