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Sorare Launches New F2P Game Linked to FIFA World Cup 2022

Sorare, the operator combining fantasy sports with blockchain, announced an agreement with 18 national football teams ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 to launch a new free-to-play game.

Put Fans’ Knowledge to the Test

The new free-to-play game, Sorare: Global Cup ’22, will allow fans of soccer around the world to play with digital cards of players in Sorare from 18 national teams following the agreements the operator reached with the teams, most of which signed partnerships with Sorare that extend beyond the World Cup in Qatar.

Commenting on the launch of the new free-to-play game, Nicolas Julia, co-founder and chief executive officer of Sorare, outlined that the game would mirror “one of the biggest moments in sport; the most iconic, celebrated and watched international sports tournament on the planet which has played host to some of football’s most legendary matches, players and champions.”

“At Sorare we are building the next sports entertainment giant, by giving fans new ways to enjoy the sports they love and connect with their favorite stars,” Julia continued, hailing the launch as a big step in this direction and the game as “a chance for all football fans to put their knowledge to the test” while competing for “once-in-a-lifetime prizes.”

Players will build a squad of 8 players picking their favorites from any of these 18 teams for free and competing for rewards alongside the progression of the real tournament.

In addition to taking part in Sorare’s global tournament, Sorare users will be able to set up private tournaments with friends and family. Prizes, including digital player cards, exclusive event collectibles, merchandise, VIP match tickets, and fan experiences, will be up for grabs after each match-day of the tournament.

A separate 4-division competition called International Special Tournament will be launched by Sorare in which users will compete to win all-new National Series’ 22 player cards and other prizes by tracking the players’ performances in the real-life tournament.

First-Ever Major Brand Campaign

Alongside the launch of its new free-to-play game, Sorare is announcing its first-ever major brand campaign under the motto ‘Own Your World.’ During the campaign, Sorare will reveal details of the preparation of its managers for the most important national football tournament in the calendar.

Combining digital collectible cards with fantasy sports, Sorare has been growing exponentially since its inception in 2018 and has reached a customer base of over 2 million users globally and entered into more than 300 sports partnerships.

The agreements reached with the 18 national teams, among which Argentina, France and Germany followed the footprint of recent deals with English Premier League Liverpool FC and AC Milan from Italy’s Serie A, creating the building blocks of Sorare’s ambition to build the next sports entertainment giant.

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